Time Off For Bad Behavior (2016Dec30)



Friday, December 30, 2016                                               4:07 PM

One very important thing to keep in mind during the next four years is that the damage has already been done—don’t dwell on the idiot entering the White House in January, don’t listen to his stupid tweets, don’t let the media create some sort of question in your mind of whether they have ‘important information’ for you to hear. They’ve got nothing but nervous nattering to offer—and you can know that without their input—nothing good or important is coming out of this debacle.

So have fun. Find things to do that satisfy you. There are just too many idiots out there who still believe they did the right thing by electing that jack-hole—and we just have to wait it out for the next few months, until everyone starts to find out what it’s really like to have a stooge in charge. Until then, don’t make yourself crazy.

I think of it as a vacation. I was very involved in the day-to-day back and forth of the election—one day I’d be sure that everyone could see the pig for what he is, and another day I’d be wondering how he could still be a contender—and wondering how everyone treated him like a respectable candidate, in spite of his constant assholery. Right up until the last minute, I was hoping that this country was still able to tell a pig in a poke.

Well, they weren’t able to. And one of the major factors was the nonsensical, brazenly profit-oriented media, pretending to journalism to sell their filthy ‘air-time’. What a bunch of whores. So—no more watching the news for me. No more worrying about what will happen in Washington—whatever it will be, it’s too late for me to change anything. And if the news ends up with lots to report, I’ll be damned if the media are getting this pair of eyeballs or set of ears for their unholy mix of BS and advertising.


In other words, by abandoning their good judgement so egregiously, the Trump-voters have created a span of time when men-of-good-will (and women of same) are better off ignoring current events for the foreseeable near-future . Time for us all to go back to the frivolity of youth—when we couldn’t care less about what was on the nightly news, because we were too busy enjoying ourselves. Vacation time. I’m really starting to enjoy it. And if horrors are waiting in the wings, worrying over things until the ax falls is a pure waste of time.

Enjoy the Executive Mansion, you cretinous lard-bucket—I’m gonna enjoy pretending there is no White House, unless and until we get a real mensch back in the building. Or until my neighbors start digging bomb shelters. Either way.





He’s Only ‘Mostly’ Dead (2016Dec29)


Thursday, December 29, 2016                                                   12:01 PM

Here in the future, things are different. I was born in 1956, when the world was a far different place and people didn’t know half of what they now know—so trust me, this is the future. I can’t begin to list the things we have created, the powers we’ve gained, and the secrets we’ve unlocked from the mysterious universe since the year of my birth. In the course of my lifetime, we have reached a destination so far ahead of what 1956 portended that we refer to things with the ‘post-’ prefix.

When we say ‘post-modern’ we refer to our time as being so far past our expectations and imaginings that “The Jetsons”, once a symbol of futurity, has become a quaint icon of the past. Where technology and history once seemed to file along on a set path, we now see our culture virtually explode—and our entire past rendered moot—by the chaotic changes brought about by developments in AI, robotics, astronomy, genetics, and medicine.

Beliefs once valued enough to merit Crusades and Jihads have become side-issues, old toys we are too grown-up and busy to play with any more. The few benighted groups who can’t accept this find themselves desperately throwing bombs into marketplaces in a futile attempt to keep religion relevant. Meanwhile, reasonable people have all new gods and demons to fear—killer asteroids, AI singularities, global toxicity, climate change, habitat loss, ocean acidification, gene-mod blowback, and overpopulation.

Reasonable people have another, more difficult problem to deal with as well—unreasonable people. You see, with technology making us all more productive, more capable of things that once required vast multitudes—each man and woman becomes a power unto themselves. Our old world, that troubled idyll, got along fine with unreasonable people running all over the place—there was plenty of space and there was only so much damage they could do.

But if you put unreasonable people in the cockpit of an airliner, or in charge of an investment bank, or in the Oval Office—the results are terrifying and global. Our civilization has become too powerful to be trusted in the hands of a childish mind—and yet it is the most foolhardy among us who lust for power and riches. The intelligent people are busily making the world more convenient and accessible—and the stupid people are working overtime trying to take advantage of everyone else—it’s a poisonous combination.

As we observe the powerful within the beltway, and in the several state houses, we feel the futility of having rich people working on ‘protecting’ us from rich people—but I’m not sure we recognize the greater irony of having the most unwise among us ‘protecting’ us from common sense and kindness. When I see some of these people on C-SPAN, orating with the skills of a middle-schooler, saying things no high-school graduate could agree with—I am shocked that such buffoons can get themselves elected to public office—and saddened to realize that their constituencies find them acceptable.

What self-respecting person could publicly claim that our problems are caused by the old, the sick, the poor, the immigrant, the refugee—the most powerless and disenfranchised people on this earth? And who could be fool enough to believe that those in power do not bear any responsibility for the lives they control? In a previous century, humanity mourned the fading of religion, saying “God is dead.” Here in our time, we may mourn the fading of truth and admit, “Common Sense is dead.” That will be the legacy of our late election.



What Is It Good For? (2016Dec28)

Wednesday, December 28, 2016                                               5:04 PM

There are levels of civilization—there are communities that are more comfortable with brutality than others—and brutality can take many forms. When we look backwards in time, to an age when women were denied their full personhood under the law, we can appreciate the brutality of what was, to the people of that time (including the women), normal daily life. If we look at history we see civilizations that were comfortable with slavery, with debtors’ prisons, with stoning, with so-called honor-killing—and even war.

In many cases, we do not need to research the dim past to find these behaviors—they live among us still. Their very intransigence is often used as a rationalization by those who would suggest that society rules don’t apply uniformly—and may thus be ignored when inconvenient. However, here in the soft underbelly of 21st century, middle-income, suburban New York, we have reached a level of awareness that makes it possible to look at something as old and accepted as war—and say to ourselves that humanity is just a bunch of assholes fighting over thrones while the rest of us endure whatever madness and waste that leads to.

But lest you think I’m all het-up about the stupidity of war, settle back, bub. War is just the stupidest example. In every case of conflict or injustice, we can always see an easy solution—being generous. But this path is unfailingly left idle, while we wear grooves in all the very stupidest alternatives. Why? Well, because you can’t go feeding stray kittens—that’s why. If we’re too generous, we may end up with nothing left for ourselves!

And that is certainly a risk faced by overly-generous individuals. However, the global community could easily provide a comfortable life for every single soul on the planet—if it weren’t for one small detail: Modern civilization, as full of potential as it may be, is also predicated on greed and competition.

We search in vain for ways to make a competitive system a humanitarian system as well—we even run into bloated fat-cats who think universal healthcare is overly generous. Point one—if it weren’t for the selfless humanitarian pioneers in the field of medicine, there wouldn’t be these bloodless Big-Pharma and Insurancing entities, sucking their profits out of the veins of the sick and infirm. Point two—it is more efficient to provide universal public healthcare than it is to squeeze maximum profits from the solvent and let the poor slip between the cracks. While individual profit-centers may suffer, the overall public expense is less when using the charitable option.

And let’s face it—most people don’t want programs giving away free stuff to poor people, because they hate their damn jobs and they resent anyone who gets something out of it, besides themselves. They don’t stop to think that their stingy boss is getting most of the profit from their work—and the boss, besides getting out of working hard, even gets to boss them around. But sure, go ahead and resent poor people, if you think that’s your enemy. And don’t forget to kiss ass at work.

The truth is right in front of us—being generous is the best way to lower violence and suffering—and it is far more effective than coercion or scare-tactics, because once you have a community that feels secure and comfortable, you couldn’t break them out of their living rooms with dynamite. Jobs that pay a lot of money create people who spend a lot of money. Paying big bonuses to hot-shots in upper management doesn’t create any commerce—it depresses it by creating a huge group of non-consumers.

The concentration of wealth among 1% of the population creates the same kind of stagnation that keeping all your money in a safe creates—those bloated, confused billionaires don’t have the slightest fraction of the energy for commerce, for buying and selling, for growing and making, that the same money would find in the hands of large numbers of the working classes. Those billions of dollars might just as well not exist to begin with. And that is all beside the point of the unacceptable injustice of Post-Capitalism—where everyone works harder and harder, getting poorer and poorer—except for the greedy pigs and the corrupt legislators.

And that is my point today—we spend a great deal of time bewailing the horrendous injustices of our Capitalist paradigm (as well we should) but we should spare equal time for considering that this unfairness is not merely wrong and cruel—it is also stupid. It is idiotic to base our lives solely on competing for money—but if you ask any Trump voter, they will assure you that that’s the American way. And by Trump voter, I mean to suggest a stupid person.

We are about to get quite a show from the crowd of leeches that constitute the incoming administration—they’re going to slash and burn every vestige of liberalism they can find. The sad thing about these money-grubbing turds is that they will not be replacing anything they tear down—they will not add one note of grace or gleam of bounty to our lives—they may even destroy themselves as they tear at the delicate fabric of so many reasonable men’s and women’s efforts to form a better union. They offer nothing but spite and bile—and it is a great shame that we did not see them coming, before we were stuck with them.

Mid-Holidays   (2016Dec28)


Wednesday, December 28, 2016                                               12:38 AM

Okay, I’m getting back on track—we still must wait for Big Sen to come, after New Year’s, before the whole family can be together—and then he will be here only one short week before all three of them fly back home again. I don’t know if I can take it. Having Lil Sen here is like having sunshine being piped into every room of the house. It’ll go hard with me—returning to making-do with mere photo and video feeds, thousands of miles away.

I got a new camcorder for Christmas—yay! It has all the latest low-light tech—and I think even the audio mike is better. You can judge for yourself—I’ve just finished making my first videos with the new equipment. I’m not rocking all that hard at the old eighty-eight—but then again that’s not appropriate when playing for a five-month-old.

Grandchildren are a little like crystal meth—they make you think you are stronger and steadier than you actually are—and when you walk away, you wonder why you feel like you just got hit by a truck. Who needs a gym membership with a baby around? I’ve been rolling around on the floor like I’m training for the Olympic gymnastics team lately—it’s ridiculous. But I like it.

In fact, there’s nothing I don’t like about this kid—but I suppose that’s pretty obvious.



Lunch and Shopping (2016Dec23)


Friday, December 23, 2016                                               1:34 PM

The ladies will be having brunch at PJ’s today—although it may be just lunch—we’ve gotten a late start on the day and everything’s sideways, in the best possible way.

Friday, December 23, 2016                                               4:45 PM

Make it lunch, definitely lunch—they’ve just gone an hour or so ago—and Spence has been through with a vacuum to get all the pine needles. We got a nine-footer this year—and it looks grand, just like the old days—way too big for the room—perfect.

Marie was by for a visit last night—and just before, Great-Nana was by for a look at her latest tree-branch. Sen gets along with everybody—she’s a real charmer. We’re all having the happiest of Christmases—except for the new dad—who is stuck at work until after Christmas—it doesn’t seem fair.

But I guess there’s no getting around the reality of being a restauranteur during the holidays—just like performers, this is their rush season. There should be a second Christmas, an unofficial one—about Jan 3rd or so, for all the people that have to work to make the rest of us happy during the holidays.

I remember enjoying going Christmas shopping on the Friday before Christmas—I used to be skinny and quick and I loved to slip through a crowd of people—crowds can be very intimate. But it’s only fun when you’re young enough to think that everyone else’s head is also dancing with sugar plums—I imagined a Christmassy glow coming off all the busy, noisy people, though I imagine some of them were quite grumpy, without me noticing at the time.

And now the girls are back from lunch and shopping! Hooray!

Russia Holds UN Hostage To State Terrorism (2016Dec20)

Tuesday, December 20, 2016                                           5:13 PM

It’s time we faced the grimy truth about the gangsterism that passes for government in Russia—they invade, they shoot, they kill, they disrupt, then they lie about it all and point to the USA as the ‘usual suspect’, the popular piñata. All that comes with ‘sovereignty’—countries with thugs in power (and what country lacks them?) need to know that their neighboring governments will turn a blind eye. This is based on the theory that one government cannot know how horribly another government is being annoyed by both rival thugs and those damned bleeding-heart humanitarian busybodies. All this is business as usual—power attracts violence just as surely as money rots the soul.

But the unity of nations—mankind’s greatest hope for a future—is also being held hostage by the Russians. They defile the very concept of unity by vetoing any vote that might impede their greedy, bloody rampages—and the rest of the nations allow this bald-faced hypocrisy on the suspicion that ‘Russia in the UN’ is better than ‘Russia kicked out of the UN’. But the strength and survival of the UN is moot—as soon as you turn it into this joke it has now become.

The UN was forced to modify their resolve to monitor Aleppo’s civilian evacuations, to allow Russians to stop any monitors who approach areas the Russians don’t want seen. It makes the whole thing an evil, twisted joke—and I, for one, am tired of that tiny little shit Putin having the last laugh. Any Russian with an actual soul would have put a bullet in Assad’s head and helped the coalition fight ISIS—but not this wretched excuse for a human being.

To give this asshole’s minions veto-power in the United Nations is Kafkesque-level farce—it insults the United Nations—and the intelligence of any literate observer of world affairs. I grant that we here in America have just chosen a purveyor of evil and malice to our highest office—but the one area in which Trump looks like a boy scout is in naked violence. Perhaps he’s just warming up to the possibilities—and with Pootle as a role model, who knows how far an ambitious puss-bag like him will go?

But as of right now, the level and density of evil coming off the Pootle far outshines the black-light of the Trumpster. He is committing murder, on TV, in front of the whole world, and then he’s going to the UN and saying, “Hey guys, back me up on this.” I say, “Fuck that asshole.”

–O, and Happy Holidays, everyone!


What Would Spiderman Say? (2016Dec18)


Sunday, December 18, 2016                                             3:59 PM

Oh my, I see myself drifting away from the family of man—what is it—am I just getting that old and grouchy—or am I actually insane? Why have I spent sixty years staring at a box of light and noise? Why is it the only people who don’t have money troubles are the ones causing them? How did humanity come to surrender itself to its worst examples?—Ceding power to those who seek it is a guarantee of disaster.

It used to be considered disqualifying for a candidate to openly seek office—he or she was supposed to be forced into it by a concerned citizenry, much like serving jury duty. And those who don’t lust for power give unanimously bad reviews of their experiences of having to wield power—George Washington was famously unwilling to hold office any longer than absolutely necessary. It’s too much responsibility to be comfortable with—that, in itself, marks the craven office-seeker as lacking in at least that one basic component of human decency.

And now we have a supreme example of such folly—the King Clown who snow-jobbed his way into virtually unlimited power, without a hint of responsibility to match that power. What would Spiderman say? I continue to wrestle with the two attacks on my peace of mind—on one hand, an idiotic bullying con-man is about to take office—and on the other hand we have a country so full of people who voted for him. I can’t say anything about the Trump voters without being insulting—but he insulted their intelligence for years and rather than resent it, they love him for it—so I won’t worry about hurt feelings.

I found it odd, during the campaign, when no one could ever stand up and list a bunch of great qualities that Trump would bring to the presidency—that never happened, simple and straightforward though that set-piece has always been for any candidate’s campaign.  About twelve different respected people did that speech repeatedly for Hillary—and while Trump and his campaign spread lies about her, and denied such character references—they never went so far as to say that Trump had any outstanding qualities.

And they still don’t—it’s all about denial with those people—they are too busy defending against accusations to ever claim that any redeeming values reside in the head of their gang. But, in truth, that is understandable—Trump has no outstanding or redeeming qualities, so ‘the full negative’ is really his only option.

But none of that lets the Trump-voter off the hook—these supposed citizens of the ‘Land of the Free’ voted for the moron that promised to build a Big Wall. Let me try to explain this to you pea-brains: a wall is for people who are afraid of the world—not for us, you jack-asses. These losers that have it better than most people but still spread bigotry and resentment against those who have less—shameless, cowardly pigs, the lot of them.

I’m disgusted—I knew that people could be that stupid and self-destructive—but the daunting landscape of millions of such fools, voting for thicker chains for everybody, just to hurt some other resented group—well, it’s broken my heart a little—I thought America had a majority of Americans in it. But no, I was optimistic—America is a land of stupid people who don’t know how good they have it and no longer know what to do with what they have. But that’s okay—their votes have ensured that America will never be what its promise pointed to—so the point is moot.

The GOP was already bringing madness, lies, and soulless hypocrisy to government—Trump is merely a giant-step further down the road to decline. Power without responsibility—a fault to be found both in the junta led by our president-elect, and in those who misused the power of their vote to elect him.

And that is why we lost. Responsible people, people with scruples, are always at a disadvantage in a street fight—and that’s what these thugs were engaged in, while we tried to hold civilized elections. The power of the people always stopped these gangsters before—what is wrong with you people? I guess they don’t make Americans like they used to. Look at this sack of shit that just got himself elected—what the fuck?