Survival Instincts (2020May23)

Saturday, May 23, 2020                                           7:15 PM

Survival Instincts   (2020May23)

The United States Postal Service has been humbly serving every single citizen, and the world, for centuries. Centuries! Now, Trump wants to ‘dump’ it.

Why? Because Donald knows he will never leave his mark on history by accomplishing anything Good—and, like a serial killer, he hopes to become famous, come hell or high water (mostly hell).

Who the fuck does Trump think he is? And why the hell is this disgusting excuse for a president still in office?

100,000 Americans will have died from Trump’s incompetent inertia before this Memorial Day weekend is over. It’s confusing, because we usually remember the fallen from past wars—this weekend, we have to try to do that, while our own friends and family are dropping all around us.

I don’t care what your politics are. The fact this worthless bastard is still in charge of our Federal Government’s Administration beggars belief. This is the guy who was convicted of fraud, during his campaign. This is the guy who was impeached for treasonous crimes just a few months ago.

Republicans can’t seriously expect any support from any of us, ever again, can they? Now that they’re just sitting there, letting this clown tank the economy and oversee a self-inflicted pandemic? I get that Red and Blue are two different kinds of people—but don’t they have any survival instincts?

Trump’s Emmy ? (2020May23)

Hey guys, don’t upset the ‘talent’!

Saturday, May 23, 2020                                          12:35 PM

Trump’s Emmy ?   (2020May23)

You can imagine it in mythic terms, if you like—like an episode of HBO’s “GOT”.  Backstory: the One, True Bama has repelled the demon, Bola, from our vulnerable shores. He defeats it first in TX. Bama defeats it again, and for good, in NJ.

Then the Usurper, Rump, comes to power (through the machinations of The Eastern Winter-King—a dead thing, with no soul or brains, bent only on disruption of the Great Peace).

Rump has been raised by a worshipper of a death cult—and forms an alliance with all the dead-walkers of every dark kingdom in middle-earth.

When the new Demon, Coronadona, appears, Rump cravenly waves her right on into the Iron Palace. Suddenly, he finds himself imprisoned in his own palace, unable to put a glamour on masses of people each night.

Rump prays to Media the Hut, Lord Most High of human deception, and he answers Rump’s rants—Media repeats the spells into the ears of Everyone, Everywhere—and suddenly none of them try to protect themselves from the Demon, Coronadona. They rush into the street, begging to be held in its arms.

Can the befuddled Prince Biden raise a counter-army, and save the kingdom from the evils of ignorance and secrecy? Only if the Democratic Knighthood of Mothers, Grandmothers, & Bad-Ass Chicks can get organized in Time!

Stay tuned….—if you’re not dead, or quarantined, already.

Since Lincoln Was Shot (2020May19)

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Tuesday, May 19, 2020                                            4:13 AM

Since Lincoln Was Shot   (2020May19)

Ever since President Lincoln was shot in the head, in Ford’s Theater, the Wealthy have appropriated the Republican Party which Abraham Lincoln immortalized. When Post-War Democrats decided America should grow up, and willingly embrace the standard of multi-racial equality, Republicans embraced the Dixie-Crats with open tentacles, spurring their racism for a further century.

And having found profit there, the Republicans went on to include the over-zealous Christian Evangelicals—those who are not satisfied with ripping off their TV audiences, but must create an isolated, mind-controlled, child-warping factory—and call it a ‘closed community’. They persist today, twisting the enforcement of Their religion into some bizarre version of ‘Freedom of Religion’—very Sartre-esque, but nonsense in emperor’s clothes.

Then Reagan crystallized the Republican Party’s entire raison d’être, by ushering in the ethics-less Eighties—when destroying whole communities, just to make a market killing, became so common it was ‘normalized’ by the media. Not, I’d wager, by the victims—but who cares about the victims? This is Republican America.

There are some very rich people in this world, and in this country—and they all have the means to tell us their story, from their POV. How nice for them. Let me just say—just because the Russians and the Chinese were too fucking primitive, in the early 20th century, to realize the ideas of Karl Marx properly—does not mean that Karl had no point to make.

Au contraire, Red-neck. Karl’s words were so clear and revelatory that they spurred those Revolutions, as tainted by human nature and ambition as they would eventually become. He started the people’s united rage—and he did it by pointing how totally screwed they all had been, and still were being screwed—by the ‘owners’ of land and wealth—assholes that had no more claim on authority than you or I. That’d make me mad—especially considering the working conditions of the nineteenth-century poor.

Nonetheless, we can see from the history of Soviet Russia and Communist China that human nature infects the poor as well as the rich. If only we could find a government that allowed the rich and poor, imperfect alike, to meet on a level playing-field.

Well, we fought for, and won, that—in the War of the Revolution, 1776-1781—and the War of 1812. The wealthy have sought the lost elitism of royalty ever since.

The Republicans have followed greed as the default ideal, they have committed to the belief that money is everything. Hard to argue with? Perhaps, but look at the result. Their President is an ugly, unethical, unreasoning, unfeeling, well, PIG, who has all that wealth promises a person—and what a disgrace it is.

Only in America (2020May07)

Thursday, May 07, 2020                                          10:42 PM

Only in America   (2020May07)

Sure, we have Flat-Earthers in America. We’re proud of our tradition of suffering fools gladly, here. But I’d love to see one of those willfully-ignorant clowns fly to Kazakhstan, find a Cosmonaut who’s been to the ISS, and revolved above our globe—and look him in the eye and call him a liar. I’d love to watch that.

Protest Too Much? (2020May05)

Tuesday, May 05, 2020                                            6:22 AM

Protest Too Much?   (2020May05)

Liberals attack thoughtlessness and unfairness, mostly. To call them ‘snowflakes’ (?) implies the name-caller finds empathy and decency to be beyond the pale—something only a sissy would bother with.

As with most insults, it shames the namer more than the named. If you wanted ‘snowflake’ to mean a hysterical, panicky type, you’d have to apply it to the ‘Red team’.

Kirk Cameron made a Jesus-flic a few years ago. It was called “Saving Christmas” and it was meant to encourage viewers to “…stand fast against a culture that seeks to trivialize and eliminate the faith-element of this holiday…

Likewise, there are apparently millions of Americans who believe that liberals are trying to ‘take their guns’. I’ll bet you Liberals own more firepower than the kkklan and the 4-H put together—but that’s beside the point.

Conservative men whine that the ‘Me Too’ movement has left them confused about what they can or can’t do or say. If these men truly don’t get that message, their problems go deeper than sexual politics—but conservative politicians will further this meme, to push back against equal rights for women.

These grown children always yell before the doctor evens sticks them—before there’s a doctor in the room. And they invent these projects of ‘ours’, like we spend our lives trying to attack Conservatives.  We’re not the ones trying to suppress voters or gerrymander districts—we don’t need to.

I am perfectly happy with our Freedom of Religion rights, even without one of my own. I respect the Fourth Amendment—I just want some records kept, like with a car. I don’t want sex to become a legal issue—but I believe every person deserves respect and protection under the law.

Accusing me of attacking Christianity is fantasy. Accusing me of trying to disarm America is hyperbole without shame. Bitching about how you can’t paw women anymore—you’re on your own with that one.

“President” Trump is a de facto murderer, thru his inept dereliction and incompetence. The number of the dead is horrific—and we aren’t nearly done. Every day, president stare-at-the-sun announces non sequiturs—and shuns cogent questions regarding vital testing supplies.

And his tribe of primitives is out, breaking quarantine to protest the quarantine. That does it—Trump has convinced these yahoos to protest their doctors’ advice.

Trump has convinced his ‘base’ of incredible nonsense, on a regular basis—but the number of people that will die from protesting will be much greater than the people who drink bleach, or whatever….

So, it’s no great leap for Trump, or McConnell, to convince these deplorables—that we Liberals are just waiting fer a chance to bushwhack them varmints! Actually, we have other shit on our minds. But we do worry about all those people, listening to a psycho from TV….

I Can’t Recall the Event (2020May01)

Friday, May 01, 2020                                               11:31 PM

I Can’t Recall the Event   (2020May01)

Self-isolation is the literal definition of divisiveness. As a democracy, we are hobbled without the ability to congregate, to interact, and to protest.

I support the quarantine—I’m not one of those crazies. I’m just pointing out that our national quarantine is an unprecedented level of incompetence within the Federal Government. And a very dangerous position for our Democracy, given the Republicans’ ruthless inhumanity.

Better-run countries are doing tests and tracing source-points, as a First-World country does (so they don’t have to shut down, like some nineteenth-century Plague being re-enacted). Along with a death total (USA: 64,000 as of today) I’m seeing news reports of Trump muzzling the CDC, Dr. Fauci, and God knows who else.

‘President’ Donald Trump is acting as a de facto ‘useful idiot’ for the anti-Americans—whether he has a relationship with a specific head-of-state—or simply has narcissist sociopathy that presents as treasonous, it’s clear that Trump is a clear and present danger. He’s also trying to shovel unaccounted-for funds towards his billionaire buddies.

But who’s gonna stop him doing that, when he’s doing such a great job of obstructing both aid for, and information about, the pandemic? We are all in the grip of a handful of monstrously sociopathic anti-Americans.

Trump, Pence, Barr, McConnell, and a host of tame Republicans legislators have put us all in danger. They have made us as small and twisted as they are. I had cognitive dissonance in ’16, when that fat fuck was elected—and I still can’t believe I live in a place that trusts that piece of shit—or his buddies.

If lying was ever more transparent, I can’t recall the event. If incompetence in governing was ever more un-laughably laughable, I can’t recall the event. If any semblance of responsibility was ever more absent, I can’t recall the event. If corruption ever before enjoyed such freedom from objective analysis, I can’t recall the event.

I won’t call for Impeachment. They’ve even got that foxed. But, Americans, I ask you: is what we call the Republican Party still a political party—or has their lust for partisanship ‘morphed’ them into an enemy of the people? They call it the party of the wealthy. Is that what they mean by it?