Stupid Is As Stupid ‘Reports’

Monday, September 13, 2021                                          2:39 PM

If you can say to yourself, “My grounds are too vast, my house has too many rooms, I have an eight-car garage filled with high-performance vehicles. I have an indoor pool, and outdoor pools, a sauna, a hot tub, and a steam room. I have to have a team of people to handle all I possess.”—then you are well on your way to rationalizing servitude—and elitism, for that matter.

A middle-class person might have a small house, a small yard, and A car. But they don’t mind the size-difference half so much as the fact that they have to do all their own ‘serving’. Now, here’s the tricky part: they know they’re actually better off, but they can’t help resent the smugness of the overly-entitled.

To have someone else do one’s yard & garden is to give up full possession—it’s not really ‘your’ yard anymore, is it? Same with: the house, the cars, the money, the food, the schedule—a rich person, if not careful, can easily end up a prisoner of their assets. Worse, they can become deluded into thinking their ownership extends to those who tend their garden—which is silly and kind of embarrassing for us to witness, even if it isn’t embarrassing to the rich asshole who flaunts it.

The resurgence of fascism (fear-based crowd-manipulation) required a special guy. Chump had to represent every aspect of Ignorance and Authoritarianism—just as if those old evils hadn’t already been soundly and finally dismissed, years ago. He had to present old hatreds and fears as ‘new discoveries’, ‘exposés’ on the doubtfulness of common sense.

He had two allies—the GOP had blocked any attempts to support the middle class for decades—creating deep resentment in their own strongholds. All they had to do was point the finger at the ‘enemy’, and all their evil was put on the Democrats’ plate. Clever, right?

The second ally was the Media ‘News’ Outlets—these misinformation streamers sensationalized the worst lies they could come up with (Chump being the master of this art, supplied most of the ‘ideas’. Ha! To think of them as ‘ideas’—you see how tricky language can be…)

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