Reality   (2022Feb01)

Tuesday, February 01, 2022                                            1:52 AM

Reality   (2022Feb01)

Let’s not fuck about—Reality is a fucking nightmare—and we are all cognizant of that simple fact. It’s the reason we are so careful to shield our babies and toddlers from certain truths, it’s the reason we are so heartbroken to see our children off to ‘Senior Proms’, or College, etc. (AKA, their final exit from your lives—another example of the F-ing nightmare—don’t argue with me!)

By the same token, we all remember of ‘lost-ness’ as children, begging our parents, grandparents, teachers—even our peers, to give us straight answers to the most important questions in life—and getting ‘best-guesses’ from our peers, and the big Mum from grown-ups.

That’s why so many kids grow up with fond memories of totally-inappropriate adults who were irresponsible enough to tell them the truth. It is one of the few avenues of truth for a young person—a person who has been stomped on by this charade of ‘life’, who’ll honestly warn young people about the shit-show that awaits them.

Such ‘losers’ are all-the-more important now, when our planet has already been pushed beyond its limits, just to appease the liars who live off of Oil investments (or plastics manufacturing)—not to mention the be-Suited Republicans (who will do Anything, for the right price).

Just think about the fact that a man so debased as to be booted from Twitter, still gets his every inane utterance ‘reported’ by the Media-news. That is an indictment of mass Media, AND a sign that Chump is an enemy of our Nation. But, as long as some fat MF-er is making his bucks, sitting back, smoking his cigar—well, dat’s ‘Murica, aint’it?!


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