Beer & Football   (2021Oct09)

Saturday, October 09, 2021                                              12:09 AM

Beer & Football   (2021Oct09)

Disinformation, the cynical misuse of ‘Freedom of Speech’, has become the prime weapon of the Capitalists and Republicans. Secrecy, the cynical misuse of ‘Right to Privacy’, has always been an important part of the criminal arsenal—and another weapon of Capitalists and Republicans.

Black-Lung was denied and dismissed by Capitalists and Republicans in West Virginia. Frack-caused Earthquakes were denied and dismissed by Capitalists and Republicans in Oklahoma. Liquor, Tobacco, Hexavalent Chrome, Acid Rain, and Asbestos were denied and dismissed by Capitalists and Republicans, everywhere, for years, sometimes decades. The Oil Biz is still (unbelievably) doing it.

A whistleblower told the truth about Facebook recently. Facebook’s first response was, “She’s a dirty girl, with no knowledge of Facebook, and other bad things.”—or words to that effect. Who is supposed to take that seriously? Why start off, step one, with an outrageous, obvious lie? The lady had paperwork—her standing at Facebook was not the issue—she had memos.

Why is corporate and Republican lying de rigueur in our time? The rule used to be: don’t lie if you can get caught at it. Today’s rule: If you get caught lying, lie some more. Everyone can see they are dishonest, but they persist in pushing their false narratives, as if they were brands or personal styles.

And the trouble with that is it makes them so attractive to bubble-brained high-school-dropouts desperate for involvement, but without the trouble of engagement. There are more than a few kids whose childhood was so prolonged, their adult lives are, in a sense, a pursuit of the same irresponsibility they’ve always enjoyed.

Yet, if beer and broadcast football are to be the height of human achievement, let’s all get together to make that happen for everybody. If not, we have to start eschewing beer and football—such is meant for the exhausted minds of slave laborers.

America is such a great idea—it has worked for heroes And villains, for two centuries. But we have reached a point where the villains are just unreasonably irresponsible, and must be kicked out of the house—ere they divide it with their ignorance. America must choose Civilization—or watch idly, as the least-of-us lead the masses into violence and riot.

Did you think America’s greatness would go unchallenged? Did you think the rich, spoiled, power-hungry bastards in this land would just sit back and let others hold the power, by virtue of a democratic election?! O, you simple soul.

America needs fighting for. It’s not the best for nothing. If you let Fat-cats and Right-Wingers F this nation into regression, into the filth that makes up most nations, you will never get it back again.

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