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I am a 60-year-old man, married, two grown kids, one grandkid, living on disability checks (and my wife’s income), life-long resident of one of NYC’s metro areas, Northern Westchester–mostly Somers, where I am now. I draw and write poetry and play the piano–I love to read books, listen to music, and watch TV and movies
I’m disabled, in both mind and body, so recording and posting my music videos to youtube (channel: xperdunn) is a major component among the things that keep me occupied.

I also rant a lot about American politics–but I don’t know any more about it than you do, so take me with a bag of salt.

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6 responses to “About Xper Dunn

  1. I took your stupid old picture down and replaced it with someone else’s. You couldn’t get $500.00 per day for a stupid old picture if you were Da Vinci himself–so cease and desist all your blatherings. Why do you have a whole page of downloadable images if you don’t want anyone to look at them? Please do not ‘sign:’ your WordPress comments–it doesn’t make it any more official than a regular comment and it only reflects negatively on your personality.

    • My images are posted on Fine Art America and ALL are copyrighted. It’s people like you who think artists do their work for free and for everyone’s use. It’s people like you who get slapped with DMCA notices. You’re obviously very ignorant about copyright…just because an image is on the internet, it doesn’t mean you can steal it for your own use. I am contacting WordPress regarding this matter since you were childishly rude to me. You have no idea what my giclee prints sell for! Most likely you have MANY copyrighted images on your pages here and it is against WordPress’s Terms of Service. Go read them. Talk about reflecting negatively…you STEAL people’s art.

      • You sound like a horrible person. I use plenty of my own art–and if you want to use it for YOUR blog, I could care less. Most people enjoy getting exposure outside of their own little circle of friends, but if it’s a pet peeve of yours I have no intention of bothering you ever again.
        I do so know what your prints are worth and I can only say that the energy you use with this negative head-game could be of much more benefit put to some other use….

      • OK I get it now–I just checked out your ‘fine arts’ website and I understand what you are doing here–you are being a professional, and you’re running a business.

        I’ll stick to images of my own, or the old masters, or the million other people online who don’t see art as a business–you are completely unnecessary to my illustrative and decorative needs.

  2. Thank you so much for following. I’m 58 too and father of two daughters. Thank you for continuing to craeate and perform. I think of artistic expression is a gift artists give us. I look forward to reading and listening to your posts.

    • Thanks, kurtnemes.
      Your site is fantastic–like a masters level course in music history just waiting for some young musician to come along and benefit from a continuous, insightful meditation on the nature and beauty of classical music.

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