They’re Not anti-Abortion (2020Oct27)

Tuesday, October 27, 2020                                               9:31 AM

They’re Not anti-Abortion   (2020Oct27)

These extremist children piss me off nowadays—ignoring the past, but so very self-righteous. Truth is, they are not anti-abortion, or ‘pro-life’, or any of that nonsense.

When I was young, abortion was illegal. Abortion had been around for centuries and, such was human nature, no one could entirely ‘stop’ abortions. There were many panicked young women who accidentally killed themselves, desperately trying to remove their own pregnancies. There was a booming business in both ‘back-alley abortions’ and toxic nostrums meant to cause a chemical miscarriage—and both had their share of fatalities and tragedies.

It was common knowledge that the well-off could find someone safe and silent for their wives and kids—the law against abortion was caste-based in its enforcement. When it became clear that the law against abortion was causing easily as much harm as the abortions, and more, legal challenges of the law followed, ending with the Rowe v. Wade decision that made abortion legal.

All of these ‘Pro-Lifers’ don’t want to literally Stop Abortions, because that can’t be done. All they want to do is make Abortion a crime, again—like in the good old days, when only the rich and powerful could get away with it.

They are asking to make Abortion a crime, not to end abortion. And those hypocrites know it as well as you do….

Places (2020Oct06)

Tuesday, October 06, 2020                                               5:30 AM

Places   (2020Oct06)

There are places where people will just shoot you. There are places where people will just rape you. There are places where people will tell lies about you. Regular folks like you and me usually avoid such places.

The trouble is, the best humans that ever lived all got killed, from baby Jesus all the way to MLK, including Gandhi, the Kennedy Bros., and Malcolm X. It makes a person ponder: Am I good enough to drive others to murder me? Because we all know the truth: If you stand up and defend the truth loudly enough, in the wrong situation, someone will kill you.

Now, there are also campuses where the most delicate sensibility will find a willing audience; art galleries where the most enigmatic claims to artistic expression are allowed full display to the investors. It’s never all one thing.

But I have found that evil always carries the seeds of its own destruction. In the pursuit of its goals, evil inevitable reveals its true nature, repelling anyone who once saw it as viable.

The trick with evil is not to fight it, so much as to hurry it along to its own destruction, with as little contact as possible.