‘Hypertext-ization’ of Randy Bell’s “I’m On Hiatus”:

‘Hypertext-ization’ of Randy Bell’s

[IN THE AIR TONIGHT – PROMPT #58] entitled: “I’m On Hiatus”:



I’m On Hiatus


Through the atmosphere

somewhere between Indus and Orion

Boötes tends the herd led by

Apus, Pegasus, and Monoceros

when Pavo isn’t showing off

The Hunting Dogs are kept on tight leash

lest The Greater Dog outdo The Lesser Dog

or worse, The Arrow from Sagittarius find it’s mark


I seek the unseekable

I crave the unknowable

I reach for the unreachable

I dream the undreamable


I call the Milky Way

hearth and home

just a side street

off the road

of the Gods


The Constellations are just

mere lawn ornaments

in my front yard

~ Randy Bell ~