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    • I was sure that the sight of me wearing out a piano was stultifying enough without adding a ‘”Man hunts, Pecks, Stares at wall’-Cam” to my YouTube posts!

      But my wife recently suggested I read some of my stuff aloud (as a video) and I’m warm to the idea (at least, for the poems) but I can’t quite decide how to avoid making myself look like a creepy, mumbling geezer…

      • It is funny how we always see ourselves differently on screen as to how others do… a creepy, mumbling geezer might not be what others see. I did a presentation to a group concerning environmental issues… a big group.. and it was videoed, when I saw myself I looked a total idiot and sounded so aggressive,,, yet nobody seemed to agree with my interpretation… I got nothing but complements.. so may be you should try it..

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