Trump’s Emmy ? (2020May23)

Hey guys, don’t upset the ‘talent’!

Saturday, May 23, 2020                                          12:35 PM

Trump’s Emmy ?   (2020May23)

You can imagine it in mythic terms, if you like—like an episode of HBO’s “GOT”.  Backstory: the One, True Bama has repelled the demon, Bola, from our vulnerable shores. He defeats it first in TX. Bama defeats it again, and for good, in NJ.

Then the Usurper, Rump, comes to power (through the machinations of The Eastern Winter-King—a dead thing, with no soul or brains, bent only on disruption of the Great Peace).

Rump has been raised by a worshipper of a death cult—and forms an alliance with all the dead-walkers of every dark kingdom in middle-earth.

When the new Demon, Coronadona, appears, Rump cravenly waves her right on into the Iron Palace. Suddenly, he finds himself imprisoned in his own palace, unable to put a glamour on masses of people each night.

Rump prays to Media the Hut, Lord Most High of human deception, and he answers Rump’s rants—Media repeats the spells into the ears of Everyone, Everywhere—and suddenly none of them try to protect themselves from the Demon, Coronadona. They rush into the street, begging to be held in its arms.

Can the befuddled Prince Biden raise a counter-army, and save the kingdom from the evils of ignorance and secrecy? Only if the Democratic Knighthood of Mothers, Grandmothers, & Bad-Ass Chicks can get organized in Time!

Stay tuned….—if you’re not dead, or quarantined, already.

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