Survival Instincts (2020May23)

Saturday, May 23, 2020                                           7:15 PM

Survival Instincts   (2020May23)

The United States Postal Service has been humbly serving every single citizen, and the world, for centuries. Centuries! Now, Trump wants to ‘dump’ it.

Why? Because Donald knows he will never leave his mark on history by accomplishing anything Good—and, like a serial killer, he hopes to become famous, come hell or high water (mostly hell).

Who the fuck does Trump think he is? And why the hell is this disgusting excuse for a president still in office?

100,000 Americans will have died from Trump’s incompetent inertia before this Memorial Day weekend is over. It’s confusing, because we usually remember the fallen from past wars—this weekend, we have to try to do that, while our own friends and family are dropping all around us.

I don’t care what your politics are. The fact this worthless bastard is still in charge of our Federal Government’s Administration beggars belief. This is the guy who was convicted of fraud, during his campaign. This is the guy who was impeached for treasonous crimes just a few months ago.

Republicans can’t seriously expect any support from any of us, ever again, can they? Now that they’re just sitting there, letting this clown tank the economy and oversee a self-inflicted pandemic? I get that Red and Blue are two different kinds of people—but don’t they have any survival instincts?

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