Trump Made You His Chump   (2016Dec13)


Tuesday, December 13, 2016                                           10:40 AM

Are you happy now? Trump is playing ‘opposites day’ with his cabinet picks; the strong business ties between him and Russia are being revealed along with Russian interference in the election (how does it feel to know you voted just the way Putin hoped you would?); racist incidences rise in celebration of his electoral college win—and misogynist legislation is being drawn up as fast as those bible-thumpers can type.

You’ve been made a fool of, Trump-voter—and you’re celebrating it. Yes, you ruined the nice lady’s plans—and you kept the Democrats out of the White House—but you failed to get a Republican to replace them, and elected a Russian puppet instead. Good work—yeah, throw that party.

I have to live with whatever madness and stupidity goes on for the next four years—but at least I don’t have to feel responsible for making it happen. I voted for the person that knew how to do the job—the person that Putin is afraid of. Sure, I lost—but I won’t be ashamed to say who I voted for, for the rest of my life. When the full story of how you’ve been duped (and so easily—as if you were an idiot or something) is written into history, they’ll be no alt-right alternative-news source to contradict it.

And if you voted for Trump because he was the GOP candidate, you’re among the prize-winning suckers of this past election—Trump is a far greater threat to Republicans than to liberals or socialists. With him at the head of your parade, the Republican party will share in his inevitable disgrace. Having your party’s candidate win the election doesn’t do you much good if he gets impeached before he’s served a full year in office—and I hope you’re not dreaming that he won’t do anything impeachable for the first year—he’d have to be competent to manage avoiding that.

I don’t think he can even spell ‘competent’—but then, you voted for him, so you probably can’t spell it, either. You may resent people who understand what’s going on, but if you’re going to make your own decisions, they really ought to be based on more than resentment.

You’re feeling good right now, because your side won the election—but winning the election doesn’t make your side right—and that is especially true when you consider Trump lost the popular vote. Of course, he lies and says he won the popular vote—but he lies every time he opens that sphincter in his face. Hell, he probably thinks he’s good-looking—that’s how delusional your champion is.

I despise that sack of crap—I truly do—he’s a traitor, an imbecile, a cheat, a con-artist, and a pervert. But he doesn’t bother me half as much as you people who saw him, heard him, and still thought it was safe to put him in charge of your lives. With that many idiots voting, this country is fucked no matter who gets to be president.

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