What Would Spiderman Say?   (2016Dec18)


Sunday, December 18, 2016                                             3:59 PM

Oh my, I see myself drifting away from the family of man—what is it—am I just getting that old and grouchy—or am I actually insane? Why have I spent sixty years staring at a box of light and noise? Why is it the only people who don’t have money troubles are the ones causing them? How did humanity come to surrender itself to its worst examples?—Ceding power to those who seek it is a guarantee of disaster.

It used to be considered disqualifying for a candidate to openly seek office—he or she was supposed to be forced into it by a concerned citizenry, much like serving jury duty. And those who don’t lust for power give unanimously bad reviews of their experiences of having to wield power—George Washington was famously unwilling to hold office any longer than absolutely necessary. It’s too much responsibility to be comfortable with—that, in itself, marks the craven office-seeker as lacking in at least that one basic component of human decency.

And now we have a supreme example of such folly—the King Clown who snow-jobbed his way into virtually unlimited power, without a hint of responsibility to match that power. What would Spiderman say? I continue to wrestle with the two attacks on my peace of mind—on one hand, an idiotic bullying con-man is about to take office—and on the other hand we have a country so full of people who voted for him. I can’t say anything about the Trump voters without being insulting—but he insulted their intelligence for years and rather than resent it, they love him for it—so I won’t worry about hurt feelings.

I found it odd, during the campaign, when no one could ever stand up and list a bunch of great qualities that Trump would bring to the presidency—that never happened, simple and straightforward though that set-piece has always been for any candidate’s campaign.  About twelve different respected people did that speech repeatedly for Hillary—and while Trump and his campaign spread lies about her, and denied such character references—they never went so far as to say that Trump had any outstanding qualities.

And they still don’t—it’s all about denial with those people—they are too busy defending against accusations to ever claim that any redeeming values reside in the head of their gang. But, in truth, that is understandable—Trump has no outstanding or redeeming qualities, so ‘the full negative’ is really his only option.

But none of that lets the Trump-voter off the hook—these supposed citizens of the ‘Land of the Free’ voted for the moron that promised to build a Big Wall. Let me try to explain this to you pea-brains: a wall is for people who are afraid of the world—not for us, you jack-asses. These losers that have it better than most people but still spread bigotry and resentment against those who have less—shameless, cowardly pigs, the lot of them.

I’m disgusted—I knew that people could be that stupid and self-destructive—but the daunting landscape of millions of such fools, voting for thicker chains for everybody, just to hurt some other resented group—well, it’s broken my heart a little—I thought America had a majority of Americans in it. But no, I was optimistic—America is a land of stupid people who don’t know how good they have it and no longer know what to do with what they have. But that’s okay—their votes have ensured that America will never be what its promise pointed to—so the point is moot.

The GOP was already bringing madness, lies, and soulless hypocrisy to government—Trump is merely a giant-step further down the road to decline. Power without responsibility—a fault to be found both in the junta led by our president-elect, and in those who misused the power of their vote to elect him.

And that is why we lost. Responsible people, people with scruples, are always at a disadvantage in a street fight—and that’s what these thugs were engaged in, while we tried to hold civilized elections. The power of the people always stopped these gangsters before—what is wrong with you people? I guess they don’t make Americans like they used to. Look at this sack of shit that just got himself elected—what the fuck?


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