Time Off For Bad Behavior   (2016Dec30)



Friday, December 30, 2016                                               4:07 PM

One very important thing to keep in mind during the next four years is that the damage has already been done—don’t dwell on the idiot entering the White House in January, don’t listen to his stupid tweets, don’t let the media create some sort of question in your mind of whether they have ‘important information’ for you to hear. They’ve got nothing but nervous nattering to offer—and you can know that without their input—nothing good or important is coming out of this debacle.

So have fun. Find things to do that satisfy you. There are just too many idiots out there who still believe they did the right thing by electing that jack-hole—and we just have to wait it out for the next few months, until everyone starts to find out what it’s really like to have a stooge in charge. Until then, don’t make yourself crazy.

I think of it as a vacation. I was very involved in the day-to-day back and forth of the election—one day I’d be sure that everyone could see the pig for what he is, and another day I’d be wondering how he could still be a contender—and wondering how everyone treated him like a respectable candidate, in spite of his constant assholery. Right up until the last minute, I was hoping that this country was still able to tell a pig in a poke.

Well, they weren’t able to. And one of the major factors was the nonsensical, brazenly profit-oriented media, pretending to journalism to sell their filthy ‘air-time’. What a bunch of whores. So—no more watching the news for me. No more worrying about what will happen in Washington—whatever it will be, it’s too late for me to change anything. And if the news ends up with lots to report, I’ll be damned if the media are getting this pair of eyeballs or set of ears for their unholy mix of BS and advertising.


In other words, by abandoning their good judgement so egregiously, the Trump-voters have created a span of time when men-of-good-will (and women of same) are better off ignoring current events for the foreseeable near-future . Time for us all to go back to the frivolity of youth—when we couldn’t care less about what was on the nightly news, because we were too busy enjoying ourselves. Vacation time. I’m really starting to enjoy it. And if horrors are waiting in the wings, worrying over things until the ax falls is a pure waste of time.

Enjoy the Executive Mansion, you cretinous lard-bucket—I’m gonna enjoy pretending there is no White House, unless and until we get a real mensch back in the building. Or until my neighbors start digging bomb shelters. Either way.





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