Friday, May 11, 2018

Friday, May 11, 2018                                       9:19 PM

Iran and North Korea have nuclear programs and missile programs—and, as some talking-head just reminded me, North Korea has developed missiles that could reach the United States. This is a sobering thought, as the 24-hour cable news show intended. I certainly hope the rest of the world can convince these two countries to stop wasting their riches pursuing WMDs.

Nukes certainly don’t give the superpowers anything but troubles. And, realistically, say either one of those nations were to lob a nuke at the USA—what possible scenario leaves the aggressor-nation as anything other than a smoking crater? We have thousands of those things—and when terrorists plane-bombed the twin towers, we went to war with two countries for almost twenty years. You do the math—I’d say they were in for return-fire.

Nuking the U.S. is an old pipe-dream that the Soviets started—even Dr. Evil, from the Austin Powers movies, would find it a rusty concept. We are the only country to ever use a nuclear weapon. We’ve been developing nukes since 1945. That’s quite a game of ‘catch-up’ ball those little countries are trying to play. And what’s the endgame—a radioactive Western Hemisphere? Is that the ‘safer’ future these countries are working towards?

How stupid are these people?

How stupid are we?


Sunday, May 13, 2018                                                       7:04 PM


Don’t let me wake up regretting yesterday

Don’t let me go to sleep fearing tomorrow

Let me live each day

Let me dress and eat and work and rest

Let my friends and family be near

Don’t let me be separated from life

By the artifacts of greed


I’m wondering today: if the ozone layer and the Van Allen Belt are evolved as part of our biosphere or if they are a chance occurence of our solar system? When we damage them, are we simply messing with a random artifact, or are we cracking the protective shell of the living Earth? Not that it matters—if we are foolish enough to heedlessly destroy our planetary radiation-shielding, we will die, either way. It is only the poetic aspect of the question that interests me.

The Ethically Vacant Administration (2018May10)

Thursday, May 10, 2018                                          2:08 PM


We are closing in on the first anniversary of Office of Government Ethics Director Walter Shaub, Jr. turning in his resignation. You may remember he quit over Trump’s refusal to divest his businesses and Trump’s refusal to disclose ethics waivers issued for White House staff.

I would say that Trump has vindicated Shaub’s decision by neglecting to fill the vacant post. (Trump did appoint the OGE’s counsel as acting director—but that person has issued one single press release in 2018—which I take as a sign of ‘agency hibernation’.) Trump has still not divested in full. And the Ethics Waivers issue took care of itself—most Trump staffers with questionable backgrounds have since resigned, been fired, have confessed to the FBI, or are currently under investigation.

The few ‘Ethics-Waivee’s who remain, such as KellyAnn Conway, have become caricatures of credibility—character actors in the tragic farce of today’s White House. Trump brought in Giuliani to be a fresh face of falsehood on the media stage—but Rudy seems to have ejaculated prematurely, outdoing KellyAnn’s two-years-of-hyperbole in a single weekend round of talk-shows.

I had naively hoped that General Flynn’s exposure as an Oligarch-gopher and Putin-plant within the National Security Council would be laid at Trump’s feet. I had hoped the same about Manafort and Gates. And about Stone and Papadopolis. Now, they are even trying to question whether Cohen’s activities were ‘in any way connected’ to the president. Gee, I donno!

We must eventually reach a point where his mouthpieces will be claiming that Trump’s mouth or Trump’s hands may have been involved, but not his heart and soul. And somehow, that not only makes Trump innocent of any reality—but makes the crimes themselves minor misdeeds that don’t deserve media discussion. It all works out very neatly—don’t you see?

Childish Giuliani   (2018May07)

Monday, May 07, 2018                                            2:27 PM

Childish Giuliani   (2018May07)

We already have a president who speaks in baby-talk—do we really need to give national attention to his latest henchman? Trump won the Electoral College, so we’re stuck with his ravings—but Giuliani has no mandate other than Trump’s retainer. And here is where the media becomes part of the problem.

Isn’t Giuliani entertaining? Are you not entertained? Plus, Giuliani’s random quotes sometimes seem as if they might place the president in greater legal jeopardy, rather than extricating him from his many scandals. Oh, how exciting!

But what value is found in the pompous pronouncements of a beady-eyed gas-bag? Are we better informed? No. Is he speaking freely about the truth, or is Giuliani just shot-gunning the public with carefully-curated, out-of-context agit-prop? Well, everyone is laughing at him—so, maybe, the later.

My main outrage is over his twisting the Justice Department’s investigation into something that ‘bad guys’ are trying to ‘do’ to Trump. Now, he may be a lawyer—but we don’t need to pass the bar to understand what it would mean for a president to take the Fifth. It would mean that Trump has something to hide—something incriminating.

His goon-squad also tries to make the investigation into some sort of ‘invasion of privacy’—as if people who break the law have the right to get away with it, rather than be searched by the FBI. Well, a president should have known that the office required more than a little invasion of privacy, above and beyond even what normal citizens must deal with. To think that ends—that the line for the president’s ‘fishbowl’ ends—at criminal investigation—well, like so many things with this president—that’s just silly.


Intel   (2018May05)


Saturday, May 05, 2018                                           7:18 PM

Intel   (2018May05)

“They want everyone confused. Confusion is control.” – Mark Felt (aka Deep Throat)

Let’s rack’em up: The Trump camp is lying as if lying were an Olympic sport and they’re going for the gold. The Republicans are morally bankrupt from having created this arena of false outrage and false promises—the manure from which Trump first sprang. The Democrats are having a very hard time distinguishing ‘progressive’ from ‘push-over’. The voters are interested in their own lives—most of them don’t recognize how important political participation is for a healthy democracy—and don’t recognize how an unhealthy democracy can change their lives in very scary ways.

The media-verse wants to put on a show—not to perform public service. They make money by creating a compulsion to watch the ‘drama’. That’s why they persist in granting credibility to a president who wipes his ass with it. I mean, really, it’s been two years now that they’ve paraded on a bunch of wildly dishonest and serpentine spokesmen and spokeswomen for the Celebrity-Crook Administration.

Not a one of them answers a direct question. Not a one of them is capable of conceding a single point in any interview—that’s not stubborn—that’s stonewalling. When Trump is filmed in his out-and-out lies, they come on TV and say, “Get a sense of humor—of course he was joking.” I don’t know—would that be any less oily a defense, if Trump actually had a sense of humor? Not that it matters.

But by insisting on ‘fair and balanced’, the 24-hour-news businesses hammer these blatant scandals into some kind of sporting event, where they air first one side’s volley, then the other’s. It’s not journalism—it’s prestidigitation—keeping us mesmerized, so we don’t notice the whole thing has become a childish joke that the powers-that-be don’t have the humility to be ashamed of.


Friday, May 04, 2018 7:57 PM            Subject: Patience

I needed time to rein in my outrage at the election upset. I finally resigned myself to it being as case of too much of the electorate being conned. If the bad guys can learn a new way to hack democracy, the good guys will find a patch, right? I calmed down and settled in for hard times.

I’ve strained to be patient for more than a year now, waiting for public officials of good will to find some way to depose the useful idiot, before Putin gains more say in policy than any American (and I think it’s pretty clear now that Trump is no American).

Besides, how has this jackass avoided a war or a market crash, making an infamy of himself while he spits on the flag and all it stands for? One time, during the campaign, he embraced and dry-humped an on-stage flag at a rally–he’s such a dick!

Oh, you poor intelligentsia—all your lives, most everyone you meet will seem dull or foolish. That’s the price you pay for being smarter than average—mathematically, the majority of other people have to be less quick—otherwise you wouldn’t be smarter-than-average. Even the adult’s programs on PBS (Public Broadcasting System) will seem geared towards children, compared to how quickly you can absorb information on your own.

And if you are so unfortunate as to become interested in politics, you will marvel at its blatant perversion into a tool of the rich and violent. And the far greater marvel is the potential, the capacity, which our technology has to transform this pre-industrial wage-slavery into a society ruled by all of itself, for all of itself.

Obstacle one: the feral nature of the rich and violent. They only use words to lie. They know the rest of us use words sincerely, so they add their lies to the mix—knowing that people believe anything they hear repeated often enough. Hitler invented the idea of whipping a whole country into a mob—and that technology has not gone undeveloped in the half-century since.

The idea that European city streets were winding and impractical—because those streets began as goat-trails and such, and the cities grew up adapting that old system, instead of replacing it—that’s always struck me as wonderfully human. But there is a social-meme version of the same thing, ideas that make society more tangled and confrontational—that we inherit from parents, teachers, elders, religious leaders—and, yes, politicians.

When Trump says ‘Mexicans are rapists’, who knows how he justifies such hate speech, such stupidity? His brain is full of goat tracks—worn down by his Klan-member daddy and his gangstoychik friends—plus all the spoiled coke-heads he clubbed with in the eighties. This ‘president’ can’t say for sure who he’s fucked—talk to his lawyer—talk to his lawyer—yeah, Donny—we’ll ‘check in’ with Cohen.

I blame Francis Ford Coppola—both Trump and Giuliani think it’s cool to rub elbows with cold-blooded organized-crime figures. Or is it ultimately Mario Puzo’s fault? I don’t know. We didn’t used to embrace crime so warmly. Maybe it was “The Sopranos” on HBO—maybe that over-normalized people whose business-model includes mass homicides.



I Could Go On Singing (2018May02)

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Wednesday, May 02, 2018                                               4:01 PM

I Could Go On Singing   (2018May02)

Kanye West talked sloppily recently and everyone jumped down his throat—and sure, he could have just said that Stockholm Syndrome played a role in the tragedy of American slavery—but Kanye West is a songwriter—he speaks impressionistically, not rationally.

The same for Trump—his whole career as a huckster, he’s always used sales-speak—he speaks impressionistically, not honestly. This is a core American problem—differentiating between reason and preference. Our First Amendment guarantees our right to voice our opinions—making our opinions sacred, to an extent. Factual, rational knowledge is a survival tool—making the hard Truth sacred, as well.

Therein lies the problem: yes, your opinion is sacred—and the truth is sacred—but (and this is very important) they are not the same thing. Mixing the two up is the go-to razzle-dazzle for every culture warrior and nationalist. Political platforms differ mostly in precisely how each ‘team’ decides to conflate opinion with truth.

Why do Americans have so much trouble classifying one from another? Faith. This country, at its bedrock, began as a place where people had the mental courage to confront the danger of theocratic government. We said from the outset—and with good reason, even in that tiny, nascent colony—that government and law must be kept separate from religion.

Before I continue, I apologize for seeming to equate faith with mere opinion.  That is not my intention. But men can and do have differences of faith even within a single congregation—and in this way, faith differs from scientific truth in a fundamental way. People can differ in their ideas about the source of creation, life, and beyond—and still agree on evidence and proof. Thus law and governance can only be righteous apart from religious vagaries.

Many Americans have always winked at this most important precept—assuming, naturally, that the majority religion (Christian Protestants) would still be given its due. Indeed, that is the case—‘Under God’ was added to the Pledge of Allegiance in the 1950’s by Red-Scare-panicked WASPs. “In God We Trust” is, inexplicably, on our money. (Then again, money itself is hard to explain—but I digress.) Mandatory school prayer wasn’t fought in court until the 1960s. Xmas, Halloween, Saints’ Days—many American traditions have a Protestant origin. Even Thanksgiving—while the quintessence of American traditions—was, is, and always will be, after all, for giving thanks to ‘God’.

This was—I emphasize ‘was’—an Anglican-populated colony for centuries before the Revolution—and so, for all the time before—and long after—the only usage for ‘separation of Church and State’ was to keep any of the Puritans, Quakers, Shakers, Episcopalians, et. al. from hijacking the law away from the whole. Catholics didn’t count—because everyone hated Catholics in England, where they’d all come from.

So, yeah, ‘separation of Church and State’ started out as something less than it is today—just like our Constitution, which originally intended to direct a mere thirteen colonies of farmers, sailors, and tradespeople, on how to govern themselves. ‘Separation of Church and State’ may have begun simply as way to stop the infighting among the first New England Puritans—but its genius and clarity are as much a part and parcel of our American Liberty as our Freedom of Speech. That used to be clear to all Americans.

And that reminds me of what I hate most about the Neo-Cons and Neo-Nazis. The evil these people represent was exposed and ridiculed out of the public eye, long, long ago—and with no small expenditure of civil disobedience, persecution, and even violence borne—and the bastards just re-issue it like some movie re-make.

The younger generations don’t have our memories—they don’t know the long story about how we should cherish every yard of social justice ever won by any good man or woman, over the centuries past. Thus, if some skinhead tells young people his holocaust-denial conspiracy theories, before a teacher has a chance to teach those kids the real history, in school—that’s irreversible—and it’s a crime against their minds.

That’s what I hate most about those evolution-denying, caravan-cowardly, money-grubbing…well, you know me—I could go on. But I’ve said what I had to say, for now.

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Improv – Green Dawn


Improv – An April Jigg


Anti-President   (2018Apr26)

Thursday, April 26, 2018                                        3:52 PM

Anti-President   (2018Apr26)

We’ve spent millennia fearing the coming of the ‘Anti-Christ’. Well, I say the hell with that—we’ve been overcome by the Anti-President. This pig is everything a president should not be. Trump does and says everything in the most anti-American way possible. He attacks our ideals and our heritage every time he opens his stupid yap. Some suspect him of shilling for Putin (and that may be where he hopes to score big bucks, or has already—who knows?) but he’s not that deep—he’s just trying to destroy the Federal Government and the dignity of all true Americans.

The United States budgets so many billions towards defense that it leaves us without the means to make America a place worth defending—high infant mortality rates, underfunded public schools, colleges with bills for lifelong debt attached to the degrees. Now, the greatest fit of elitism yet: Rich, fat fucks (whose only ‘life-challenges’ will stem directly from their personal lack of character) who want to pass a law forcing government-aid-recipients to get jobs.

They want the infirm, the disabled, the elderly—and especially caretakers of family members—to get, at least, a part-time job. Now, I don’t need to add to the many voices pointing out what a cold-hearted, sick bastard a person would have to be to even consider this agenda. No, I want to ask: ‘Where is the lobby for this agenda?’

Who the hell are the large numbers of the electorate who are pushing for this vital measure?—which will do more for our economy than if large corporations actually paid their fair share of taxes. Oh, wait—no it wouldn’t. Not at all. This attitude—that all government-aid-recipients are leaching away the life-blood of our economy—is a strange, revisionist way to describe what most of us would call simply ‘doing the right thing’.

I don’t want to get into a discussion on why, if corporations are loop-holing out of their income taxes—contributing nothing but the shittiest jobs—then how is it incumbent upon Congress to cut corporate tax rates by more than half? The Republicans can take a poll on that BS in November. But I’d point out that bleeding the most vulnerable, for some reason, suits the Republicans far better than any tiny fraction of corporate profits taxation that could easily produce triple the amount—or ten times the amount.

How are we so easily misled into believing those with the least money, influence, and power are at the root of our economic problems? Those poor folks are nothing more than the evidence of the irresponsibility and incompetence of those who have all the money, influence, and power.

I just want to point out—again—that institutions breed corruption. Take the oldest church, the oldest political party, the oldest athletic groups, the oldest rich people—they all, eventually, bend towards the nasty. Fucking Carson heard about the ‘labor camp’ legislation and wants to double down—with a 300% rent increase for residents of affordable housing. I tell you—these bastards don’t want just to have everything for themselves—they can’t really enjoy it unless they’re pretty sure everyone else is fuckin miserable. What a gang of crotch lice.


Don’t You Miss America? (2018Apr25)

Wednesday, April 25, 2018                                              2:12 PM

Don’t You Miss America?   (2018Apr25)

The pretense of a presidency held by an anti-government, criminal celebrity may be a heyday for journalism and comics, but I wish the people in this country would try to be serious for once. Our federal government’s bench is empty—more than fifty percent of federal staff have been fired or have resigned in disgust. All of Trump’s staff-picks and nominations have shown no inclination to do anything other than fail vettings, fail security clearances, or resign in scandal.

To pretend that Trump is a patriot takes a density of vision verging on opacity—yet to know Trump for what he is, and conspire in this pretense, is far the worse failing. He appoints nemeses to head agencies they’ve fought against for years—or he nominates people at random, thus leaving important positions vacant while the media discusses his mischief as if it were statesmanship.

Isn’t lying an impeachable offense? I find it difficult to hear of Trump speaking or tweeting bald-faced lies on the daily—if this is not madness, if this is not criminal behavior—it is still an unfitness that we shame ourselves by broadcasting every day—as news! This is not the behavior of a reliable person, never mind what we look for in our head of state. A compulsive, misanthropic liar is the kind of worker whom the rest of the warehouse staff puts up with—such people ought never be given responsibilities, much less public trust.

Isn’t being a scoff-law an impeachable offense? Most of Trump’s Executive Orders have been overturned by the courts as unconstitutional. Executive Orders are supposed to be stop-gap measures, looking towards future legislation—not a means to issue martial-law-type edicts that flout our constitutional protections. He even wants to silence the press—so that his lies will have more power.

Doesn’t a lifetime of bullying others mark Trump as a dangerous president? He’s likely to bluster his way into geopolitical quicksand and then hide under his bed when the missiles start flying—everyone knows a bully is really a coward.

But the towering miasma of corruption and perversity that is Trump is a mere landmark in our American political landscape—he is the shit-stained Washington Monument all of the craven, amoral Republicans turn towards, five times a day. Media journalist don’t pin down these fifty Senators and hundreds of Congresspersons, constantly browbeating them to explain their idly standing by while Trump makes a junkyard out of our once smooth-running vehicle of state—I wonder why? Is the media more invested in the circus spectacle than in functional government? Of course they are.

But what about you? Are you tired of Republican lies and fear-mongering, science-denial and Capitalist elitism? Have you decided to watch only Netflix until that far-off day when journalism (and government, for that matter) returns to Public Service? Do you find it ironic that the falsest Baal ever worshipped is known as a ‘reality’ star?