Childish Giuliani   (2018May07)

Monday, May 07, 2018                                            2:27 PM

Childish Giuliani   (2018May07)

We already have a president who speaks in baby-talk—do we really need to give national attention to his latest henchman? Trump won the Electoral College, so we’re stuck with his ravings—but Giuliani has no mandate other than Trump’s retainer. And here is where the media becomes part of the problem.

Isn’t Giuliani entertaining? Are you not entertained? Plus, Giuliani’s random quotes sometimes seem as if they might place the president in greater legal jeopardy, rather than extricating him from his many scandals. Oh, how exciting!

But what value is found in the pompous pronouncements of a beady-eyed gas-bag? Are we better informed? No. Is he speaking freely about the truth, or is Giuliani just shot-gunning the public with carefully-curated, out-of-context agit-prop? Well, everyone is laughing at him—so, maybe, the later.

My main outrage is over his twisting the Justice Department’s investigation into something that ‘bad guys’ are trying to ‘do’ to Trump. Now, he may be a lawyer—but we don’t need to pass the bar to understand what it would mean for a president to take the Fifth. It would mean that Trump has something to hide—something incriminating.

His goon-squad also tries to make the investigation into some sort of ‘invasion of privacy’—as if people who break the law have the right to get away with it, rather than be searched by the FBI. Well, a president should have known that the office required more than a little invasion of privacy, above and beyond even what normal citizens must deal with. To think that ends—that the line for the president’s ‘fishbowl’ ends—at criminal investigation—well, like so many things with this president—that’s just silly.


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