Friday, May 11, 2018

Friday, May 11, 2018                                       9:19 PM

Iran and North Korea have nuclear programs and missile programs—and, as some talking-head just reminded me, North Korea has developed missiles that could reach the United States. This is a sobering thought, as the 24-hour cable news show intended. I certainly hope the rest of the world can convince these two countries to stop wasting their riches pursuing WMDs.

Nukes certainly don’t give the superpowers anything but troubles. And, realistically, say either one of those nations were to lob a nuke at the USA—what possible scenario leaves the aggressor-nation as anything other than a smoking crater? We have thousands of those things—and when terrorists plane-bombed the twin towers, we went to war with two countries for almost twenty years. You do the math—I’d say they were in for return-fire.

Nuking the U.S. is an old pipe-dream that the Soviets started—even Dr. Evil, from the Austin Powers movies, would find it a rusty concept. We are the only country to ever use a nuclear weapon. We’ve been developing nukes since 1945. That’s quite a game of ‘catch-up’ ball those little countries are trying to play. And what’s the endgame—a radioactive Western Hemisphere? Is that the ‘safer’ future these countries are working towards?

How stupid are these people?

How stupid are we?


Sunday, May 13, 2018                                                       7:04 PM


Don’t let me wake up regretting yesterday

Don’t let me go to sleep fearing tomorrow

Let me live each day

Let me dress and eat and work and rest

Let my friends and family be near

Don’t let me be separated from life

By the artifacts of greed


I’m wondering today: if the ozone layer and the Van Allen Belt are evolved as part of our biosphere or if they are a chance occurence of our solar system? When we damage them, are we simply messing with a random artifact, or are we cracking the protective shell of the living Earth? Not that it matters—if we are foolish enough to heedlessly destroy our planetary radiation-shielding, we will die, either way. It is only the poetic aspect of the question that interests me.

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