Gone Fishing   (2016Feb09)

Tuesday, February 09, 2016                                             11:22 AM

Out of ammo—that’s how I feel on days like this—I rummage around inside my brain and find—nothing—no ideas, no inspirations, no recollections, no nuthin. I posted a blog yesterday—I posted one the day before—but today, I’m out of ammo.

I noticed I have 60 subscribers on YouTube—now, I’m pleased that my WordPress blog has over 100 followers, but I have no idea where I found 60 people who actually volunteer to listen to me play the piano—that’s just charity, I think. Not that I don’t work very hard at it—but let’s face it, I ain’t Julliard material and never will be. Nor do I have the angst or energy of a rock-n-roller. Still, I’m not above a pity subscription.

I mostly post my YouTube videos so the kids could log onto YouTube, wherever they are, and it will sound like they’re back in our living room. I got the idea when I heard this one recording I used to have of my dad, practicing some speech he was going to give the DMA—he’d been dead for some years, and it was so nice to hear his voice.

The blog posts—I don’t really know why I do the blog posts—I guess it’s as close to talking to people as a shut-in can get. I’d be happier if I got more threads of comments and replies—I’m usually trying to start a discussion and while ‘likes’ are better than nothing I’d prefer comments. Otherwise blogging feels similar to talking to someone who ignores me. It’s a good thing I have a pretty high opinion of my opinions. Still, everyone likes to be noticed.

It’s days like this that make my ‘productive’ days seem so exciting—so I shouldn’t complain if I can’t come up with a decent post every single day. Hell, some people don’t even have a blog, or a YouTube channel—so it could be worse.

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  1. Hey, what am I chicken liver. I wan to have a conversation with you. My bro told me to ask you for you’re mail address, but I didn’t want rejection so I joined a blog to converse with you. I am not as intelligent as you but our livs share a lot. Just remember, friend this stuff ebbs and flows. With your prolific writing, no wondr you run out of things to say.

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