Join The Debate   (2016Feb11)

Wednesday, February 10, 2016                                       6:25 PM

I’m working on backups—I’ve had it in the back of my mind ever since the new year turned—and when the PC crashed yesterday, I was worried about how much writing, music, scans, and who-knows-what-else I might have lost—so—backups, right away—before I forget. And I have it in mind to try and think of a way to do intermediate, frequent backups of work-in-progress—just to keep this sort of thing from covering too broad a time period.

Thursday, February 11, 2016                                           11:05 AM

The pain is obscene—I’m having a bad day. God, I could scream. I’m not usually Mr. Comfortable—but I’m used to that. It’s when the pain is just so severe and so constant that I can’t think straight—that’s when I get a little bitchy about it.

I resisted the strong urge to respond to all the political posts on my Facebook wall—thankfully—there’s nothing to be gained by venting my ‘old crabby guy’ sentiments all over Facebook, just so some trollish meathead can engage me with what he or she is sure is ‘cogent reasoning’, but which in the end only proves how superficial, emotional, and peer-pressured their thinking is. The trouble with Facebook is that an educated, intelligent person can find himself or herself put on the same level as the dumbest ass in the country—and I recoil at the waste of time represented by arguing with someone who can’t even use the English language (or, at least, spell-check).

Also, there’s a mountain of difference between someone with fifty years of engagement in history, politics, and current events—and someone whose political involvement began when they decided to jump on Bernie’s bandwagon two months ago. I won’t even go into the depths of stupidity, and lack of self-preservation, represented by favoring the GOP. I could face standing in front of a classroom, trying to teach people what they don’t know—but I’ll be damned if I’m going to face them as equals, trading quips, while I try to educate them—and while they pretend to an equal understanding. That’s too hard for me—and much too easy on them.

And it is too easy to be a troll—they can just keep spewing bullshit until someone calls them on it—I, on the other hand, feel a responsibility to know what I’m talking about before I argue a point. I could twist the truth eight ways from Sunday—but I call myself on that stuff before it even leaves my lips—I don’t just throw it out there and dare someone else to refute it, just because it wins my argument for me. That’s debate-team bullshit—and everyone knows it—even the people who habitually use it in place of verisimilitude. Debate and argument are like government—none of it works properly without good will on both sides.

Not that I intend to leave the battlefield to the morons—I’ll post political comments on Facebook again someday—but using the cold logic of reason—not out of this pit of bitterness and pain.

Here’s some piano music from before the recent computer crash:



5 responses to “Join The Debate   (2016Feb11)

  1. Tell it like it is, Chris. Morons are everywhere. I am glad you are willing to make logical well-written facts. Only a few benefit from the GOP. And it is not us .I am sorry you are in pain. I actually do scream on those occasions if I think it will help, But it involves too many muscles that hurt too much to do it. I find sometimes pain can just spiral out of control. Functioning in antalgic behavior only exasperates my situation, but the body will act that way and create more issues.
    I started laser treatment. It is fairly new and I wonder if there are any benefits for your issues with this treatment. They keep finding more benefits of laser treatment. I hope this pain passes for you.
    I am writing this in the middle of the night for sleep eludes me often or at least at the “normal” times. Morons are making appts for me at my care provider’s office for chronic care management. I drive around to too many appts as it is and I am full of anger over appointments I am unaware of having. which doesn’t help. I do not have the energy for more appts when I am working my best to do what I am already doing. Morons
    I am curious to see what you thought of the debate. I just am getting the highlights for I did sleep in the early evening and forgot about it.
    I so wish I had something to say to help your pain but I know words do not help pain.

    • I don’t usually mention pain–I don’t want other people to worry over me–it comes and goes–some days are better than others. I know exactly what you mean about appointments–they were driving me crazy until I started saying ‘no’–but you have to be getting better, like I was, for that to be safe.

  2. My uncle told me when I was in my thirties that I know what growing older is like. I am feeling younger as I age and learn new ways to deal with issues. I want to blog in a positive way all the amazing things that the body can do as I discover them. Having neuromuscular skeletal issues, bizarre changes occur.
    This may not be something you agree with being a fact based thinker, but I discovered this energy flow happen. It was as if my hands were playing ping pong with my feet. So, I studied Reiki though I don’t believe energy is available only by taking a class. Regarding you talking about pain doesn’t make me worry, it causes me to practice sending energy. No harm, no foul.
    I put my foot down this morning re:appts. I was told to ignore them for it is a billing issue. Fine with me now that I know. I am going through an intense period of hard work and I run the show. I take input, but I design my program.
    Finally received my new Bowie songbook. Great beat work, my issue. Quick story. Mom’s mom had the Guilbranson baby grand. We had it in Katonah and when parents moved, Tim kept it for it was to go to me. Mom had it stripped and redone, shipped down her. She kept it for a year and when I moved into my own home, she gave it to me and bought a tiney upright Not being a parent, I don’t get this kind of love. Mom lived 20 years after giving it to me.

    • That’s funny–our piano comes from my mom also!
      I must confess I do not know what neuromuscular skeletal issues are–and I don’t know Reiki–is that like yoga? I’m glad you stood up for yourself on the appointment thing–sometimes you gotta.
      Our mom is in an assisted living, down in Hilton Head SC–so we don’t get to see her much–she just sent me a lot of piano music because she doesn’t play anymore. Did you have a chance to check out that music-manuscript website’s link?

      • I went to the sheet music site. It’s hard for me if I don’t have something in mind. I like nocturnes lately. I heard a Ravel song that has crescendos. I want it but forgot name. Maybe Bolero. You must be enjoying going through the music even though you have so much. Reiki is energy. I cup my hands an hold them 8-12 inches apart and move my hands back and forth until I feel a ball. That’s how I felt a ping pong effect with my hand and feet. I think it is a real phenomenon that one need not pay lots of money to learn. It is under new age, but so much of that is a rip off. As I start blogging I want to tell about the energy in the body and how it can move. Strange, but good things happen. I have so many dead zones where the nerve to muscle connection doesn’t work. Finding them has been the hardest part of me getting better for it effects posture and causes such dysfunction. I was paralyzed but with horrendous mind blowing pain in my rt leg on the outside. when I had surgery in 1987. I got all out of whack. I avoided pain (antalgic) and ruined my posture which is essential for the flow of the nervous system. It s very bizarre and I have had to figure it out on my own since specialization has taken over the medical world. It’s a good and bad thing. For you, specialization is probably a good thing. I fight on, but sometimes it gets so old. No more antalgic behavior. That is what I have been calling what ails me – antalgic behavior. I just like the word.
        I liked Wonderful Sounded great. Wow you turn the page quickly.LOL
        Stay warmth this weekend. You have a Claire. You can cuddle, or not.

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