New Piano Music   (2016Feb08)

Monday, February 08, 2016                                             10:47 AM

Well, let’s see, lately I’ve watched “Bridge Of Spies”, which was fantastic, “Suffragette”, which was beautifully made, and some other movie that escapes me at the moment—no reflection on the movie—I just have a swiss-cheese brain. I did a nice post the other day, “Lachrymosa Regina”, which is about as good as my writing gets—and a new improv, “Suffragette” (which I named in honor of the film) which is about as good as my piano-playing gets—so I’ve had a banner post-birthday few days. Claire and I watched the last hour of the Super Bowl last night, waiting for Stephen Colbert—but the game ran long and Claire had to give up and go to sleep—I only saw Tina Fey, his first guest—I fell asleep before Will Ferrell came on.

That’s my autobiography of the last few days—pretty insular stuff—I did take at least one walk up and down the street outside my house during that time—not much, but I did see the sun. And I just recorded another decent improv (I think—I still have to listen to the playback).  Okay—I just listened to the playback—I’d forgotten that, about one minute in, I’m trying to figure out Tom Wait’s “Jersey Girl” (I just heard it during the credits of the eponymous Kevin Smith film)—I only get a few chords from the chorus before I give up and start improvising, but it does kinda drag down the whole recording—which is, otherwise, as good as I’d hoped it was while I played it.

I also recorded a cover of the old Association hit, “Cherish” (by Terry Kirkman)—which I bang on quite wildly—like the piano owed me money or something—but that’s how I play when I think I’m being expressive—maybe I should take anger-management—but I think the problem goes too deep for group therapy to fix.


hope you like’em


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  1. Dear friend
    I enjoyed hearing Cherish. Pounding on the piano is an alternative to therapy as it is therapy in and of itself. Never apologize for it., Your Regina post was very well written. I hope my thoughts and writing improve as I go along. I have focus issues. It’s very odd that I see stars when I hear you play. I do need new glasses.
    I was curious if all your music is old or you already have it. I found one site online and ordered a Bowie song book the day after he left us. I am still waiting for it. There was a back log as many folk did as did. Where do you get new music if you do?
    One of my life’s belief is if I think it, so do others. That’s why I have no patents. Not yet anyway. I had a brilliant idea one night as I tried to cut through a piece of cooked frozen lasagna. I discussed it with a friend and we came up with the idea of a knork. Fork + knife. We Googled it and sure enough, a knork already exists. I won’t stop thinking.
    Good for you getting out for a walk. That is a goal of mine. I have made some physical/mental improvements. Three months ago, my calcium/Vit. D levels were low and I was diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism. The gland was eating up the calcium. I made changes to my diet and supplements. I had a blood test last week and all levels were normal. I am still confused. Does low calcium cause the gland issue? I have questions for my doc, but was thrilled that a new goal was achieved and surgery may not be needed to remove the offending parathyroid.
    I had a sobering medical observation. I have a small home with much in it. I went to a friend’s home which I do rarely. Her home was larger and more open. At first, the evil green eyed monster peeked out until I got walking around. I forgot my cane for visiting is so rare. Wow, I do so appreciate that I have something to fall into when I turn into rooms, I have walls and furniture to touch and thus keep my balance.
    I am going through such positive changes that I am in awe. Basically, I am reeducating my body from a scoliotic posture to a more correct one. Scoliosis causes muscular forces do what they want to do even if it isn’t good for me. So, every discovery of a force then gets attacked by me. The blessings come by learning a muscle area that is off so that it can be worked on.
    My dog is having surgery today for a lipoma under his armpit. Originally, we planned to remove the large neck lipoma that I call his neck boob. The armpit one is causing him more problems so it is the first of two surgeries for him. His name is Patches and he is a gift to me. The neck boob detracts from his incredible cuteness, but I must do what is best for him.
    I found an old Motown songbook. I found a few gems I didn’t know and have enjoyed playing the old songs which we grew up listening. (I don’t want to dangle)
    Mindokeen is signing out.

    • I used to go to Bramson’s music store in Mt. Kisco–then they moved to that Staples mini-mall off Rt. 117–then they went away.
      Then I ordered online from–but now I’m WordPress-buddies with Stanton’s Sheet Music, although it’s been ages since I bought new music.
      Those full shelves and big stacks visible in my videos are just a fraction of my whole music library–Claire has five hollow hassocks in the livingroom where I hide the rest of my often-played music.
      The not-often-played takes up about ten or twelve feet of shelving down in the garage-library. There are now digital tablets that display sheetmusic–with a pedal-button that lets you turn the page with your foot–I decided if I ever buy more sheet music, I’m gonna get that stuff.
      There’s a website that let’s you have free music (for print-out or tablet):
      I don’t know about inventing the George Foreman Grill–that new movie, “Joy” (which I haven’t seen yet) is apparently about a lady who has a good idea–but she spends the whole movie finding out how much work there is to making money off a good idea–it’s probably easier to open a grocery store or something.
      Your medical issues remind me how lucky I am to have Claire around–she comes with me to every appointment, she explains/remembers what the doctor said, after the appointment, she reminds me to take my pills when I forget–I have it so much easier than you–I wish you had a ‘Claire’–people like us really need one.
      You have something I don’t, though–a dog that’s also sick–must be nice to have an illness mascot. Say hi to Patches for me.

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