Pete’s Back! (2014Nov05)

Hooray! Peter Cianflone–in the house! Back to play along with the hermit pianist. And (my apologies for the camera work) his back to us the whole time! But it still sounds great:


Session of Fools (2014Apr01)

Peter Cianflone came by on April Fools Day and here is the result, played on Piano, Bongos, and Assorted Tympani….


The Girl from Ipanema

The Girl from Ipanema



April Fools Improv No. 1


April Fools  Improv No. 2

April Fools Improv No. 2


The Look Of Love

The Look Of Love

A Dish with Added Spice

This Improv, “Chili Con Carne”, was originally recorded on July 20th, 2013.

Phil Robertson of E-Studio Drummer was kind enough to record a drum track and mix it in.

For this revised video, I’ve chosen a sampling of my title-cards for listeners to watch as the music plays–please don’t be confused by the succession of titles.

I hope you like this:


XperDunn plays Piano Improv
“Chili Con Carne” (Originally recorded July 20, 2013)
(with an added Drum Track
recorded and mixed by Phil Robertson
of E-Studio Drummer)