A Dish with Added Spice

This Improv, “Chili Con Carne”, was originally recorded on July 20th, 2013.

Phil Robertson of E-Studio Drummer was kind enough to record a drum track and mix it in.

For this revised video, I’ve chosen a sampling of my title-cards for listeners to watch as the music plays–please don’t be confused by the succession of titles.

I hope you like this:


XperDunn plays Piano Improv
“Chili Con Carne” (Originally recorded July 20, 2013)
(with an added Drum Track
recorded and mixed by Phil Robertson
of E-Studio Drummer)

6 responses to “A Dish with Added Spice

  1. The driving beat of the drums really adds such a great dimension to the overall quality of this piece and makes the piano player actually sound better, which I feel is the true purpose of percussion other than to just keep time !! Phil Robertson did a wonderful job !! Loved all the effects on the slide show !!

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