Gun History (2021Jun04)

Friday, June 04, 2021                                               7:00 PM

Gun History   (2021Jun04)

New World settlers came with guns and powder. They found guns necessary for defense against the current inhabitants, the bears, wildcats, wolves, and what-have-you. That condition maintained for centuries and, in the mid-1700s, North American colonists were upset by the English Crown’s efforts to control and limit guns, powder, and ammo. They needed their guns to live.

The American Revolution is probably the only war in history that had no disarmament phase. After the Colonies won their Independence, and wrote their Constitution, they were still in need of guns, as part of daily life. They felt obligated to protect citizens from any future situation where government might impinge on the Peoples’ right to bear arms.

Thus, America entered history with an itchy trigger finger. Between the Native Americans, the wild predators, the occasional bandit gang, etc., USA citizens did more shooting than anything else. But we eventually ran out of game, as it were—and found our towns and cities crowded with civil, busy, harmless neighbors (shooting whom was frowned upon).

Moreover, in all our subsequent wars, privately-owned firearms were not in any way involved—we have a professional military (best in the world). But, sure, you feel better walking around your block with a concealed weapon—still, consider therapy.

Now, all of America is a civil community, in which guns are nothing but trouble. But, some extremists ‘explain’ that good people should all carry guns, to stop the troublemakers. That seems like the long way around, to me. What do you think?

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