I’m Tryin To Run A Bizness, Here! (2021Apr07)

Wednesday, April 07, 2021                                              4:40 PM

I’m Tryin To Run A Bizness, Here!   (2021Apr07)

All my life, I’ve been watching War Movies on TV. Oddly, the story changes every time I watch one. I just ejected out of “As it Happened: Tarawa”, because the beginning details delve into the inadequate and poorly-planned naval bombardment (foreseeable, hence not necessary) and the concern that, after the new tractor-carriers’ ‘wave’ came ashore, the older troop-landing craft, with their four-foot draft, would get hung up on the reef surrounding Tarawa, which they absolutely did (again, foreseeable, hence not necessary).

Also, they made a point of the Japanese defenders having insane firepower emplacements, with guns that punched through the landing craft, and the Marines within them. At that point, my mind spun out on all the WWII ‘heroism’ (i.e. self-martyrdom) required by the half-assed, block-headed bullshit that passed for military leadership, back then.

By the Fifties, American leadership had become so half-assed and block-headed, people started to notice. No one wanted to die in Korea, a policeman—a good cop. That is not what boot camp prepares them for. And, no surprise, they did a lousy job.

By Viet Nam, Daniel Ellsberg was able to reveal publicly that American leadership was sending our sons and daughters to the slaughter—in a war they knew they’d never win. Once the C-in-C was also exposed, as a small-minded gangster, in a job too big for him, many worried the People might lose faith in our politics, or government.

But they needn’t have worried. Since that time, Americans have been duped by Reagan, Two Bush’s, and a Chump. A grotesque warning against excessive self-love has been elected a Kentucky Senator for so many terms, his skin is sagging over his mouth. He’s presently denouncing major corporations as ‘Stupid’ for showing political support to the People.

You’d think dese bastids became physically wounded, every time a poor person got an extra buck. Like Bells, and Angels’ Wings, or something. And their eagerness to spill blood—our kids’, their kids’—these F-ers don care. Remember when they just up and ‘adios!-ed’ the Kurds, that one day—and then They all got slaughtered by Putin & Assad’s Death Emporium? I do. It was disgracefully contemporary, as war-crimes go.

Republicans used to be the ‘opponent’, the other side of the story. Yeah, they don’t bother fencing with humanism any more (they always lose). They just buy Media access and Media censor-privileges and personal NDAs, tell the biggest lies they can—and finesse off the rage they thus inspire in good people.

This is no F-ing ‘Party’, Okay? These are chambermaids of Satan: McConnell, Gaitz, Cruz, Kemp, ‘space-laser’ Greene, McConnell’s wife (talk about an unholy union—hope the sex is good, at least–eww).

The modern Republican Party was created by the Democrats—who, in the 60’s, found the courage to embrace Civil Rights—thus leaving many pompous, enraged Dixiecrats on the table. The Republicans, after scarfing up the racists, began to reach out to church-crazies, gun-nuts, and the entire underworld of ignorant resistance to civility. Having lost every single, solitary cultural and ethical debate to the free-thinkers choosing, in the 60’s, to re-echo our founding fathers, they really had no choice but to delve into the shadowy world of hatred, zealotry, conspiracy, greed, and ego.

Which brought them all the way up to Traitor Chump and Death-Fan Mitch. Now, these two clowns enjoyed monolithic political backing—to a F-ing man! Why? Because they don’t waste time debating issues, ethics, morals, or even common sense—like a biz, all these guys know is: they’ll get fired if they screw with the boss.

Democrats sit around arguing with each other, about right and wrong, and other worthless BS. Republicans don’t waste time on fairness, charity, kindness—what the hell are you thinking? We’re trying to run a biz here.

So, the strength of the Republicans lies solely in the shouting urgency they give their fables, the gloomy warnings they scream against a healthy society, the nightmares they ascribe to Democrats winning elections (or, really, Republicans losing them). It must be hard for them to find so many ways to brag on their elitism, without sounding like stupid, scared bullies. I’m not sure it’s still working. Do people really take them seriously—I mean, really?

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