The Trump Show – Final Ep.

Monday, January 18, 2021                                                11:25 PM

Five years later, I have been needled by Trump’s lack of ethics, lack of honesty, lack of knowledge, lack of decency, and his seditious desire to disrupt our government, ruin its dignity, bankrupt it, and kill as many as possible without it looking blatantly like it was on purpose. I have not become a mirror image of my enemy—and he’s on trial for incitement—so good job, me.

I couldn’t help noticing that Trump’s MAGAts are always waving around guns. Of course, we liberals don’t wave our guns around unless we mean to use them—which we never do, so you never see it. But the Trumpsters, I feel, have no intention of ever pulling a trigger—their game is to bulldoze some nervous liberal into doing it for them. For them (with their imagist focus) that would be a ‘big win’. And a good excuse for fouler mayhem, naturally.

Trump has been a Zen exercise without parallel—the less an American engaged with the Trump Show, the sounder their frame of mind—COVID shutdown notwithstanding. I found that even the shelter-in-place was made exponentially more stressful, for having that jackass interrupt truth to bray his BS. Like most Americans, I felt I had to keep an eye on him.

Had I known McConnell and Ryan & the gang of ghouls would let Trump lie, cheat, and steal for four years, vouching for his fitness and honesty—without believing any of it, themselves—I would have thrown my TV out in 2016, like my wife did. Trump was just the jackass these corrupt scum were all riding—I sure didn’t need to listen to every bray.

Trump has inspired all of us towards our worser angels, besting Gettysburg’s hillsides of slain with his pandemic-neglect mountain of 400,000, and rising fast. The Republicans have disgraced themselves in an incredible manner—acting like people who can reshape the facts to suit, erasing any sins, venal or mortal—even existential.

Well, it only worked on your dupes and patsies—the vast majority of Americans see you people for the hollow-eyed whores you are. Beneath all those ugly suits and sheepskins, you have no center, no character, no strength of will. You take the most empowering document in history and play word games with it until you actually claim a member of a democracy can be above the law! ‘tha Fuck?! Take your bullshit and move to one of those Dictatorships you’re all so fixated on.

The cult’s favorite ruse this whole time has been to equate their nonsense with normal, thoughtful people. That’s why they teased us so mercilessly—their best hope was to get us to become just as bad a bunch of assholes as they were. But it never happened—their mistake was in being just too bat-shit crazy for anyone’s reaction to be to follow suit.

Snowflakes never sat down, never shut up—and you ‘grown-ups’ made a worse mess than no government at all. Hope you enjoyed yourselves—it’ll be a cold day in hell before anyone takes the Tea Party seriously again. Racist asswipes.

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