Pipe Bombs Included (2021Jan12)

President Pig has normalized dysfunction to the point where the two pipe bombs found during the Capitol attack are hardly even mentioned–like some quaint throwback to the days of Jets being Hijacked to Cuba–just because they were found and removed.

Murder was committed. Historical artifacts were destroyed. A Joint Session of Congress and the Vice-POTUS were imperilled. But Jim Jones thinks we should give Trump this last week because, come on, it’s just a week. It’s no coincidence he’s a namesake of that suicide-cultist.

Between the wealthy people screwing up journalism and the wealthy people screwing up democracy, actual Americans are an endangered species. I can’t tell you how much I lust after some kind of mowing down of these big-mouthed, fat-assed seditionists. But they don’t even know what duped tools they are–as inviting of a fist in the face as they may be, they are, in truth, naive innocents (with guns).

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