Throwing It Away (2020Jan31)

Friday, January 31, 2020                                          6:19 AM

Throwing It Away   (2020Jan31)

Democracy requires a modicum of common sense—not much, but some. I see now that the United States of America has exceeded its quota of assholes. We no longer have a sufficient number of people intelligent enough to execute a public office, rather than abuse it.

The Impeachment power should work without any problem. But when the President is an asshole—and the VP is an asshole—and the Attorney General is an asshole—and every Republican Senator is a righteous asshole—well, even our beloved Founding Fathers could never have imagined such a corrupt, fucked-up pack of crooks being elected into office, by the People.

The Democrats, usually the still, small voice of reason (comparatively) are being joined by a disillusioned Russian gangster and a nuke-crazy, war-monger Republican who didn’t get the memo about ABL (Always Be Lying). Which means that even the craziest Tea-Party zealot, should they be afflicted with chronic honesty, is having trouble singing along with the choir, at this point.

Unfortunately, as I’ve said, we’ve exceeded our quota. Our ratio of decent citizens to assholes has tipped over to equal that of the rankest, third-world, war-torn ass-end of the earth you could name. This is only partially due to the fuck-ups with ‘public education’ and ‘student-loan-slavery’. It’s mostly due to Americans becoming gigantic assholes, disrespecting all the social justice and enlightened inclusion our forebears worked so hard for, sacrificed so much for.

And we assholes are just throwing it away. O, and we’re letting them fry the planet too—but who cares?

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