Full Faithlessness & Void (2020Jan28)

Tuesday, January 28, 2020                                                1:28 AM

Full Faithlessness & Void   (2020Jan28)

So, this Impeachment Trial has got to be high-water Trump, right? Have we not reached the peak, the acme of the ridiculous? Manifest guilt spelled out by Dems. All Trump’s-greatest-hits Lies in rebuttal—for 3 days, no less—talk about wading in BS….

Public servants used to have the decency to recognize when a lie was simply too transparent to be supported. Simpler times, smarter folks…

I was pleased to see Liz Warren announce her new platform plank—the undoing of all Trump’s mischief is as important as any new business or plan the candidates might have. Trump’s term has been a hasty retreat to a more ignorant outlook—and it has given the haters tremendous hope and encouragement.

The Senate is fortunate that America has become so slothful. Most of us real Americans are just one more dishonest disappointment away from going to Washington, DC—not to protest, but to wipe those traitors off the face of the earth. Mitch McConnell deserved it when whoever-it-was did that to his fucked-up face—but it’s nothing compared to his full faithlessness and void, on the inside.

My recent FB posts:

(These may be confusing, all lumped together like this, but each post was a release of anger and frustration and moral outrage—complete with color backgrounds—on a particular bit of idiotic injustice each day. It’s impossible to recreate that here.)

Trump breaks laws, sure–but a Senate that votes to let him– That breaks the country.

By smearing Biden at Trump’s trial, the Republicans aren’t just acquitting the charge, they’re joining the conspiracy

He’s always guilty—he likes to be guilty. The pretense of Trump’s innocence is beneath any serious adult.

What’s the upshot here? That Crime is good TV, but Justice is too boring to watch?!

Republicans represent the one-percent. Their politics consist of misleading the other 99%.

Soon a cabal of white-collar gangsters will vote to take their fair share of blame for Trump’s corruption.

The Dems’ 3 days were the more interesting of the 2. Truth is stranger than fiction

Well, they sure ripped into those Democrats! Too bad they forgot to rebut Trump’s Impeachment…

Are we supposed to watch the lawyers until they’re finished? (& Why?)

Did the defense just brag about the successful obstruction of the Mueller report, as evidence?!

News reports Trump won’t believe this or that. What about us, who don’t believe Trump?

Republican liars are all over the Sunday talk shows, talking very fast–but saying nothing…

Yo, Mitch: Flouting the law is only safe until the guy next to you decides to copy you….

So, as you can tell, I’m mad. I suspect there are a lot of people that are just as furious as I am about this open corruption and dishonesty in every Republican-held office. The worst is how they grub and scratch to find some little e-mail-mistake that they can run with, damning the Dems for imperfection. Talk about hypocrites!

The Media isn’t actually ‘in on it’—they’re simply too greedy and simple-minded to care what damage their ‘coverage’ does to the social fabric.

I’m also mad at the Dems—they have been consistently ineffective and have failed to fully face every challenge this century.

The Republicans are tearing apart what we understand to be ‘Liberty & Justice’ and turning it into a Pay-as-you-go Disneyland recreation of the America we once knew.

I guess, considering what people are, we’re lucky the USA lasted as long as it did, in its ‘dreaming’ stage….

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