Anti-President   (2018Apr26)

Thursday, April 26, 2018                                        3:52 PM

Anti-President   (2018Apr26)

We’ve spent millennia fearing the coming of the ‘Anti-Christ’. Well, I say the hell with that—we’ve been overcome by the Anti-President. This pig is everything a president should not be. Trump does and says everything in the most anti-American way possible. He attacks our ideals and our heritage every time he opens his stupid yap. Some suspect him of shilling for Putin (and that may be where he hopes to score big bucks, or has already—who knows?) but he’s not that deep—he’s just trying to destroy the Federal Government and the dignity of all true Americans.

The United States budgets so many billions towards defense that it leaves us without the means to make America a place worth defending—high infant mortality rates, underfunded public schools, colleges with bills for lifelong debt attached to the degrees. Now, the greatest fit of elitism yet: Rich, fat fucks (whose only ‘life-challenges’ will stem directly from their personal lack of character) who want to pass a law forcing government-aid-recipients to get jobs.

They want the infirm, the disabled, the elderly—and especially caretakers of family members—to get, at least, a part-time job. Now, I don’t need to add to the many voices pointing out what a cold-hearted, sick bastard a person would have to be to even consider this agenda. No, I want to ask: ‘Where is the lobby for this agenda?’

Who the hell are the large numbers of the electorate who are pushing for this vital measure?—which will do more for our economy than if large corporations actually paid their fair share of taxes. Oh, wait—no it wouldn’t. Not at all. This attitude—that all government-aid-recipients are leaching away the life-blood of our economy—is a strange, revisionist way to describe what most of us would call simply ‘doing the right thing’.

I don’t want to get into a discussion on why, if corporations are loop-holing out of their income taxes—contributing nothing but the shittiest jobs—then how is it incumbent upon Congress to cut corporate tax rates by more than half? The Republicans can take a poll on that BS in November. But I’d point out that bleeding the most vulnerable, for some reason, suits the Republicans far better than any tiny fraction of corporate profits taxation that could easily produce triple the amount—or ten times the amount.

How are we so easily misled into believing those with the least money, influence, and power are at the root of our economic problems? Those poor folks are nothing more than the evidence of the irresponsibility and incompetence of those who have all the money, influence, and power.

I just want to point out—again—that institutions breed corruption. Take the oldest church, the oldest political party, the oldest athletic groups, the oldest rich people—they all, eventually, bend towards the nasty. Fucking Carson heard about the ‘labor camp’ legislation and wants to double down—with a 300% rent increase for residents of affordable housing. I tell you—these bastards don’t want just to have everything for themselves—they can’t really enjoy it unless they’re pretty sure everyone else is fuckin miserable. What a gang of crotch lice.


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