Don’t You Miss America?   (2018Apr25)

Wednesday, April 25, 2018                                              2:12 PM

Don’t You Miss America?   (2018Apr25)

The pretense of a presidency held by an anti-government, criminal celebrity may be a heyday for journalism and comics, but I wish the people in this country would try to be serious for once. Our federal government’s bench is empty—more than fifty percent of federal staff have been fired or have resigned in disgust. All of Trump’s staff-picks and nominations have shown no inclination to do anything other than fail vettings, fail security clearances, or resign in scandal.

To pretend that Trump is a patriot takes a density of vision verging on opacity—yet to know Trump for what he is, and conspire in this pretense, is far the worse failing. He appoints nemeses to head agencies they’ve fought against for years—or he nominates people at random, thus leaving important positions vacant while the media discusses his mischief as if it were statesmanship.

Isn’t lying an impeachable offense? I find it difficult to hear of Trump speaking or tweeting bald-faced lies on the daily—if this is not madness, if this is not criminal behavior—it is still an unfitness that we shame ourselves by broadcasting every day—as news! This is not the behavior of a reliable person, never mind what we look for in our head of state. A compulsive, misanthropic liar is the kind of worker whom the rest of the warehouse staff puts up with—such people ought never be given responsibilities, much less public trust.

Isn’t being a scoff-law an impeachable offense? Most of Trump’s Executive Orders have been overturned by the courts as unconstitutional. Executive Orders are supposed to be stop-gap measures, looking towards future legislation—not a means to issue martial-law-type edicts that flout our constitutional protections. He even wants to silence the press—so that his lies will have more power.

Doesn’t a lifetime of bullying others mark Trump as a dangerous president? He’s likely to bluster his way into geopolitical quicksand and then hide under his bed when the missiles start flying—everyone knows a bully is really a coward.

But the towering miasma of corruption and perversity that is Trump is a mere landmark in our American political landscape—he is the shit-stained Washington Monument all of the craven, amoral Republicans turn towards, five times a day. Media journalist don’t pin down these fifty Senators and hundreds of Congresspersons, constantly browbeating them to explain their idly standing by while Trump makes a junkyard out of our once smooth-running vehicle of state—I wonder why? Is the media more invested in the circus spectacle than in functional government? Of course they are.

But what about you? Are you tired of Republican lies and fear-mongering, science-denial and Capitalist elitism? Have you decided to watch only Netflix until that far-off day when journalism (and government, for that matter) returns to Public Service? Do you find it ironic that the falsest Baal ever worshipped is known as a ‘reality’ star?



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