Ethical Border Threat   (2018Apr04)


Wednesday, April 04, 2018                                              5:04 PM

Ethical Border Threat   (2018Apr04)

Even after the Mexican-American War (April 1846–February 1848), neither the United States nor Mexico ever felt any need for an armed border. In fact, migrant workers have been a vital part of the USA’s agricultural infrastructure—and prohibiting their border crossings would have left American crops rotting in the fields and orchards. Even today, deporting and excluding Mexicans from our border would have a catastrophic effect on our food production.

Today Trump has called for the National Guard to man our southern border in force. No government masses troops on its border unless it plans to invade, or repel an invading force. Unless Trump plans to invade Mexico, it would seem that he is treating the migration of thousands of frightened, desperate men, women, and children, from what amounts to a warzone, as an invading force.

These people, recently dubbed a ‘caravan’ by media, are facing violence and death in their homes—they are taking a long journey to a strange land, fleeing for their lives. If Trump were a real American, he’d be sending those National Guard troops to the border—with food, water, and medical supplies. He’d be instructing them to welcome these refugees from Central America to the land of the free.

But Trump is not an American. He is a coward—he is the opposite of a real American. He may even be a traitor—we don’t know yet. But one thing we all surely know: the only thing approaching our Southern Border is an opportunity for American greatness—and the only threat is the one in the Oval Office.


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