Votes Not Cast   (2018Mar30)

Friday, March 30, 2018                                            7:15 PM

Votes Not Cast   (2018Mar30)

There are many reasons for the ebb in my recent output. Most of all, it’s that I’ve said what I had to say—and I am too old to accept the current corruption and ignorance as a ‘new norm’. The media hypes it because it’s very much akin to a slow-motion building demolition—the USA, a mighty structure built over centuries, and our ‘leaders’ gnawing on it like an old carcass.

But sensible people (many of whom have gotten out of the habit of watching TV) are simply waiting for Mueller, or someone—anyone of character, to put our present administration out of the Oval Office and behind bars where they belong. If only sensible people numbered in the majority.

If only six or seven Republican Senators had the character to stand by whatever sense they have, this administration would already be under impeachment hearings. I want my next sentence to be: ‘Trump is a criminal, a traitor, a hater, an idiot, a chauvinist, a bigot, and a psycho—totally unfit for that, or any other, office.’ Imagine my frustration—realizing that our president has been described this way by so many people, even before his election, that I’m afraid I’ll lose my reader (hi you! …whoever you are) by being so trite and repetitive!

Trump is a paper tiger, set up to draw all attention to himself, while the Republicans grab for all the loose cash they can get—and pretend that they don’t have the power to remove this puppet of Putin’s from his illegally-gained electoral majority.

America is not about hate—so how did we end up with this rabid, racist dog being elected President? We can blame the lying Republicans, and the fucking Russians, and that asshole Assange—but we have to also accept responsibility for the actual votes. I don’t mean just the zombies who fell for Trump—the votes not cast against him trouble me far more deeply. All evil needs to succeed is that good people do nothing.

I’m buoyed by the appearance of these wonderful teen activists, taking on the NRA. I’m saddened as well—you know the adults are screwing up on a grand scale when their own kids can point to clear neglect—and call ‘bullshit’.



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