A Pretty Good Day   (2016Mar16)

Wednesday, March 16, 2016                                            9:22 PM

I’ve been having a pretty good day—my blood tests came back and I’m all good—and while that leaves my recent lack of pizzazz a mystery, it’s still excellent news. Claire and I are discussing that possibility of my return to anti-depressants—at least for a few months to see if it’s an important factor in my quality-of-headspace.


I wrote a poem this morning that I found funny—I like to be funny, even if I’m not funny to everyone. Then I wrote a blog-post about how science fiction could save the world—which is also kinda funny, but not really, since the world appears in need of a little saving, in spots. And here I’ve just finished getting a decent improv on record—which I’m about to edit and upload to YouTube. Plus, I’ve just been in a better-than-usual mood all day.

Maybe it’s politics—I’m for Hillary, and the only person she needs to beat, after last night, is that mess the Republicans are stuck with. I have high hopes that America’s voters still have more than 50% sane people to match against the frighteningly large number of maniacs who actually think she’s the problem, and that billionaire bully the solution. I was worried that Bernie might get her, but his popularity appears to have grown too little too late. Nothing against the idea of Bernie as President—but as Candidate, his extremism would only drive more fence-sitters over to that GOP megalomaniac. Anyway, I’m cautiously optimistic that Hillary will end up our new president, as she should be. The idea of the alternative has already sparked a new record-high number of searches on ‘moving to Canada’—but wouldn’t it be easier if we all stay here, and Trump moves on to his next TV show (where he can only destroy viewers’ minds)? Keep it simple.

My wife thinks it’s because I got a good night’s sleep—to quote her, “You should never get up before noon, Bozo.” I don’t know—maybe she’s right. But I fear that getting up at noon one day is more a symptom of an irregular sleeping pattern than a reproducible result. Perhaps she just wants me to stay in bed (and out of her hair) ‘til noon—asleep or otherwise—ha ha. Can you blame her?

Today’s music has me first down in the dumps then up in the clouds, so I named them accordingly. I’ve been getting a great deal of sheet-music on video, but it’s all so bad I can’t watch the replay—I don’t know what the problem’s been lately—I can’t post any of it. But I still get a decent improv here and there.


Good night.


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  1. I lost my comment while getting coffee. Twas about your sleep and anti-depressants. in case I posted it, I won’t rewrite it. I will rewrite congrats on your blood work. That makes me very happy for you and Claire and all who care about you. (you are not allowed to make a smart ass comment about people caring for you) That is just wonderful news. How much does it change your physical life?
    Scoliosis is not just a sideways curve of the spine, but there is a rotational curve of the vertebra which stinks. Being fused in the lumbar region, I lost that small sway in the lower back which causes my body being out of order. What I have been doing is reeducating my body. I used to fall a lot and it was always because I was weak somewhere. I knew when I fell last May, in the long, long run I would be helped. My torso was tilted to the right and that helped straighten it up. The whole point of telling you this is so I can tell you things I do to aid my program.
    My physical therapist has this jade gua. (not sure of name) Guas are shapes that are used in massage to get out the kinks. Mine are obsidian and came broke at the end but I am keeping them. I feel like I have bubble wrap in me. In thosew areas there is swelling. I guaed my neck and oh, oh wow. I could think better. It hasn’t last but that’s where exercise comes in. It is like a dang job that I have had to figure out on my own. Thank goodness I am curious.
    I lost your email address. Here is mine. Would you send it to me again. I thought I tried to save it and clearly I should have written it down.
    m157haigh@outlook.com. Please do a test run.
    Again, happy over tests.
    Your pal Mindy
    best wishes to Claire.

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