“So ?” [Re-visited] –XperDunn on April 21st, 2013

XperDunn plays Piano

“So ?” (3 mins., 21 secs.)

 Improv – So? (Revisited) (2013Apr21)

Saturday, April 20, 2013 3:48 PM

So? It’s my music, so you don’t have anything to say about it.
If you don’t like my music, don’t listen.
Feel free to ignore me–believe me, if you’re giving off negatory vibes, man–I’m ignoring the hell out of you.

This is my song.
Here I am singing it.
Like it or not.

Hey, I’ve got th’palsy, man–it’s not like this is easy to do.
It’s not like I’ve had training or anything helpful like that–All my mistakes are my own.

Whatever I could’ve gotten out of training is moot now anyhow.
And it sure ain’t like I’m some kind of prodigy–I was born with a predilection for my right hand, and ‘ambidextrous’, to me, always sounded like magic.
And I don’t keep a steady rhythm–I was never a drummer.

So? Hey, it’s my music!
It’s not like I have the option to go jogging or curling or making stone walls.
It’s not as if I could just walk down the street, asking for a job.
“So, what are your qualifications? I mean, outside of being really old and unable to remember my name–after I told you three times…”
Of course, I could stay here at the keyboard all day–but after that first sixty minutes,
my mind will wander and
the next seven hours will just be
bad for my back
—nobody pays me to play Freecell.

Hey, this is my song. Get your own, man.

Well, there it is—my poem for the day. Can’t post it, naturally. Maybe if I sang it, I could post that to YouTube—but even then there’s a very strong sense of ‘poor me’ about this lyric—and I think only an entitled, egocentric rock star could pull it off. I guess I’ll have to be a rock-god for awhile…

There is a longer, un-edited version:

 “Improv – So? (Revisited) -THE UNEDITED VERSION (2013Apr21)”

So?..  Re-visited (RAW FOOTAGE)

Improv – So? (Revisited) -THE UNEDITED VERSION (2013Apr21)

Which lasts about 17 & ½ mins.

-compared to the very first, original,    Improv – So?         (2013Apr20) , which clocks in at a respectable 12 mins., even.


XperDunn plays Piano

Improv – So? (2013Apr20)