R.I.P. – G.O.P.   (2018Jan12)


Friday, January 12, 2018                                          3:55 PM

R.I.P. – G.O.P.   (2018Jan12)

Our head of state represents our country to the rest of the world. Every word out of that person’s mouth matters. And Trump does not represent America only—he also represents the Republican Party.

His mouth emits a stream of subtle dog-whistles, barely veiled bigotry, and outright racist ignorance—and far from curbing him, you have supported and defended him. You side with Trump—which makes you just as big a s__hole as he is.

The Grand Old Party…hmm, weren’t you the guys that bankrupted the country with ginned-up wars in the Middle East, and then blew up the Economy in 2008? Yeah, you remember—you guys all bitched and moaned about how long it took Obama to fix your disaster? Then you told everyone that Trump would make a better president than Hillary—because Hillary is a bad, bad lady—surely you haven’t forgotten?

Goodbye, Republicans—you will never get another vote from anyone with the sense of a peanut. Go back to the hell you came from.


Tough Tomatoes   (2017Mar10)

Friday, March 10, 2017

I’ve been wondering lately how we ever got to a point where our public servants serve themselves and still get people to vote for them. But then I remembered history.

The Native Americans didn’t get slaughtered overnight, you know—there was over a century of people giving lip service to humanitarian relations with the Natives, while others argued for White Supremacy, or Christianity uber alles, or whatever other rationale presented itself—or they simply snuck out at night and ambushed innocent Natives, without bothering with excuses.

Likewise, slavery was debated and fought over, long before the Civil War. And, as with the Native American genocide, good Americans sat around their breakfast tables, saying, ‘tsk, tsk, it sure is a conundrum’—and went out and voted for public servants that wanted to rid the land of Indians, or keep our Africans safely in chains.

So our entire history is one of good people, sitting around and discussing politics like a spectator sport instead of a battle between good and evil. Yet a battle between good and evil it has always been—and continues to be in the present. We vote our fears more than our beliefs. We are more easily frightened than inspired. And, sadly, we get the government we deserve.

Our present government is on the ironically-tragic side of being a joke. But we elected them. We even heard them say incredibly disqualifying things, then voted for them. They go on TV every day and embarrass themselves trying to call a pimple a beauty mark, or call a lie an alternative truth—and we support these con artists.

Yesterday, a profoundly stupid man named Scott Pruitt, recently appointed head of the EPA, remarked that he didn’t believe in chemistry, optics, or physics in general—more specifically, he questioned the greenhouse effect of CO2 in the atmosphere—an unquestionable fact. He was appointed to head the EPA because he could be counted on to either be this stupid, or pretend to be this stupid—and, in that context, he’s doing a bang-up job.

Americans have gotten into the bad habit of questioning the veracity of things they don’t like—and politicians, seeing this as a new tool, are leading the charge. Had they had the advantage of being raised by my father, they would be more familiar with the motto of normal people who don’t like an unpleasant fact: “Tough tomatoes”.

And so I offer this sentiment to all you fat bastards who don’t like the fact that the way you stay filthy rich is by destroying our society, our environment, and given sufficient time, even yourselves—you stupid brats. Tough tomatoes. Stop yer crying (and lying and pollution) and let’s all move on to a future where the inconveniences of science and truth are dealt with, rather than squirmed around.

How childish is it for Paul Ryan to respond to a question about what’s not in the TrumpCare bill by saying, “Read the bill”—when he knows that there’s nothing in the bill to answer the question either? That evil rascal needs a foot up his ass. But that’s the trouble—we voted for these criminals—and now that they are safely in office, they get to tell us, ‘tough tomatoes’—not because they’re right, but just because they can.

If any American ever votes for a Republican, ever again, it will be proof positive that we are all idiots and deserve to be inveigled by these fuckers for however long this country can last, without real leadership.

Paul Ryan – What A Jackass   (2015Nov17)

Tuesday, November 17, 2015                       10:50 AM

I’m so mad I could spit. Obama spoke at the G20 yesterday, making several sensible points about dealing with Daesh. Among those points was his conviction that humanitarian concern for the refugees was not only a responsibility of the world’s governments, including the USA—but that caring for these helpless victims, without questions about their faiths, is what separates us from Daesh.

In response, a crowd of jackass GOP governors have announced that they will not accept refugees from Syria in their states. That they have no authority to do that is something they choose to ignore—apparently, the political effect of announcing their cowardice and prejudice is enough to satisfy their ostrich-like followers.

Then this morning Paul Ryan was on CNN talking about being ‘prudent’—about how, in the case of Syrian refugees, it is “better to be safe than sorry”. What a cowardly, un-American, xenophobic jackass. He spoke about halting the flow of refugees until we can verify that they are safe to accept into our homeland—ignoring the fact that America’s vetting of refugees is lightyears more involved than any other country’s—that it could not possibly be any more thorough. He just wants to halt the flow—and the rest is all BS excuses.

Is he really afraid of a bunch of dazed, victimized, mostly women and children refugees—or is he simply another GOP knee-jerk, anti-whatever-Obama-wants idiot? Either way, he’s no American. Not the kind of American who leaps, unarmed, to defend a train-full of people from a gun-toting terrorist. Not the kind of American that says, “Give me…the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me…”. Paul Ryan is an elitist, anti-American coward.

And if he and his band of mouse-panicked elephants weren’t bad enough, we have CNN and all the other news outlets making hay out of terror, digging their heels in on the terror aspect of all this and blocking out all the defiance that real men and women feel, far more than any intimidation these thugs wish to engender. I’d rather deal with a suicide bomber than these mealy-mouthed, chicken-hearted, entitled scaredy-cats—they make me sick. And Paul Ryan—you should be ashamed of yourself, you dick.