“Lovelace” – Deeper than ‘Deep Throat’ (A Movie Review)

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Well, I saw “Lovelace” on VOD yesterday (a biopic of the famous star of “Deep Throat”, the first porn film to be shown in major cinemas). As you may imagine, her life was no bed of roses–nor did the men in her life ever give me cause to be proud of my gender–at least insofar as they were portrayed in the movie. But let’s face it, the 1970s was a golden time for male narcissist psychopaths–women still felt un-empowered, but the women’s lib movement gave all the male bullies an excuse to batter and disparage their ever-so-lucky girlfriends and wives.

So, for me, the movie had a stench about it (which is, I guess, a testament to the filmmakers) which was the aroma of self-serving, lazy men of the seventies abusing their responsibilities whenever they conflicted with their sexual appetites. It was also, as you may imagine, the magical land of non-enforced child support–long before ‘deadbeat dad’ legislation was ever dreamed of. I think the worst circumstances created by that decade’s ignorant blindness was the plight of a teenage girl who has to choose between her hateful father and the dangerous boyfriend. Lots of girls got themselves involved with execrable boyfriends who were, in their minds, at least a change from the ignorant hatred and violence of their fathers’ or step-fathers’ home life.

As an accurate depiction of just how ugly 1970s society had been, this movie gets five stars–but it doesn’t do enough to show how Lovelace’s suffering was of a piece with all the women of her time, from teenage girls to mature housewives–all of them still subject to the ugly laughter that was the misogynists’ hunting horn. You know, back when we could all laugh at the idea of women being the equal of men, ha ha.

I must confess, I have never seen the movie which made her famous–I’ve never been comfortable with porn, it’s not my bag. I think it’s because no matter how well the women in them act out male fantasies, I can still see the humanity behind their masks.

So, Great Movie! But, not so great for me, personally… It’s one redeeming feature was the soundtrack, which I paused at, during the ‘credits scroll’, to write down a list of the mp3s I didn’t already have.

Some of these songs I already owned, through my continuing quest for the most overpoweringly nostalgic playlist of all time (for people my age, that is). But I’m weak on the ‘soul’ music song titles, of which there are several used in the film.

The great BJ Thomas’s “Fooled Around And Fell In Love”, and the even greater Billie Holiday’s “Ain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do” are both missing from my list, but are on the soundtrack CD, which I discovered in my search for the URLs to purchase each mp3 on my list from Amazon.com

The soundtrack album is also available–which contains songs not on this list, or performed by different musicians.  Nevertheless, having gone to the trouble, I produce them here for your perusal:


“Lovelace” Movie Soundtrack Album  {** indicates song on soundtrack album}

** “Gimme Little Sign” – Brenton Wood
“Rockin’ Boogie” – (recd by Sammy Price)
** “I’ve Got To Use My Imagination” – Gladys Knight and the Pips
“Out All Night” – Everybody Else
“Get Ready” – (recd by The Temps)
“Where We Belong” –  (recd by Passion Pit)
“Time For The Gallery” –   (NOTE: recd by Ochre/Alb: ‘Early Learning’)
** “Spirit In The Sky” – Norman Greenbaum
** “Funky Funky Way of Makin Love” – John Ellison and the Soul Brothers

** “If You Ain’t Getting Your Thing” – L. J. Waiters and Electrifiers

NOTE:  the above mp3 for sale ONLY as part of the “Lovelace” soundtrack album (which has all these songs and more)

** “Shotgun Shuffle” – KC and the Sunshine Band

**  “Oh How I Love It” – The People’s Choice

** “Keep On Trucking” – Eddie Kendricks

“Your Mama Wants Ya Back” – Betty Davis 

“Panhandle Stomp” – Satin and Heartaches (recd by Billy Briggs): 

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