Russian Folk Songs (2015Feb09)

XperDunn plays Piano
February 9th, 2015

16 Russian Folk Songs
(Covers from the Russian Songbook)

01) All Throughout The Great Wide World I Wandered
02) Do Not Scold Me And Do Not Reproach Me
03) The Boundless Expanse Of The Sea
04) My Sweetheart
05) No Sounds From The City Are Heard
06) Do Not Awaken My Memories
07) Stenka Razin (From Beyond The Island)
08) Snow Flurries
09) The Cliff of the Volga
10) The Story of the Coachman
11) The Little Bell
12) Farewell To Happiness
13) The Slender Mountain Ash
14) Dubinushka
15) Oh, You Dear Little Night
16) Down The Volga River




and improv…



Seascapes, Bombast, and Russian Folk (2014Jul24)


I’ve made a study of ‘watery’ type music–a sort of mental collection (maybe because it’s my favorite type of sound image). I’m a big fan of Handel’s “Water Music” suites (and his “Music for the Royal Fireworks”–which was also performed on the same barges, upon the Thames). I once had a CD of solid surf recording for 55 minutes –guaranteed sleep aid–I wonder where it went?

Regardless, the following five pieces are my top picks for ‘oceanic coloring’ in music:

Apparently, the makers of “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World” (2003) felt the same way I did about this piece–parts of it seem to be virtually the sound of the sea.

Ralph Vaughan-Williams – Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis (1910)

(Skip ahead to 02:30 in the following recording)

This Rachmaninov piece has been ‘borrowed’ by Eric Carmen for “Never Gonna Fall In Love Again” (’76) and by Barry Manilow for “If I Should Love Again” (’81). But it is so iconically romantic and lush that I have always thought of it as a sea voyage.

Sergei Rachmaninov – Symphony No. 2 Op. 27 III. Adagio


I defy anyone to listen to this famous bit of Brahms and not feel the deck roll beneath their feet.

Johannes Brahms: Symphony No.3 – Mvmt. 3  (starts at 22:33 in the following recording)

And then there’s this gem–liquid, flowing, tidal, surging–It’s pretty oceanic, to me.

Jan Sibelius – Symphony No.2 – Mvmt. 4: Finale  (Starts at 29:52 in the following recording)

And one last bit of Sibelius–an excerpt from his 5th Symphony (Skip to time-mark 20:00 or so–the ending of the 3rd movmt leading into an unbelievable last mvmt!)

The above is a comment I put on a thread RE: Katchaturian’s “Spartacus”, the Adagio, of course (although I’ve learned to enjoy most of the entire suite, over time) which is undeniably gorgeous and very ‘seascape-y’. Why do I spend an hour preparing such an ‘essay’ of a comment for the one or two people that might actually read it (strangers, however)? What else am I going to do?

Anyway, speaking of music, I have here a new Improv and a selection of Russian Folk songs:

Click to Play: Bombastico II

Click to Play:
Bombastico II



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Good evening, all.

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“Who Needs To Dream” by Barry Manilow (2010Oct13)


I was rummaging around in my old Youtube Channel ‘xperdunn’ uploads and I came across this interesting span of days’ works:

“Who Needs To Dream” by Barry Manilow (2010Oct13)
XperDunn plays Piano
Oct 13th, 2010



Selections from “The Joan Baez Songbook” – Part 1
XperDunn plays Piano
November 1st, 2010


Selections from “The Joan Baez Songbook” – Part 2
XperDunn plays Piano
November 1st, 2010


Selections from “The Joan Baez Songbook” – Part 3
XperDunn plays Piano
November 1st, 2010



“Two Improvs -Ocean Waves & Pageant Procession”
XperDunn plays Piano
October 16th, 2010