It’s Tough (2021Feb19)

Friday, February 19, 2021                                       4:51:45 PM

It’s Tough   (2021Feb19)

As a honky-assed cracker, Black History Month is always emotional. When I think of the race issue in America, I want to weep. When good people (and when I refer to good people, I make no bones about skin tone) tried to end slavery, it became America’s bloodiest, most feral war.

When good people tried to institute Reconstruction of slave-states, White People shot our President and founded the Klan. When African-Americans tried to copy White society, to be just like them—so that no one could criticize anything about their behavior, in Tulsa, OK, in 1921—White People went mad at the sight of themselves with dark faces—and slaughtered the entire city.

By necessity, Blacks have kept their own culture—they have always been rebuffed by White People. And now they Have a Culture, as deep and long as the friggin DAR. White People appropriate it, they criticize it, they use it as a way to continue saying, “See? They’re not Like us.”

But Integration is now impossible. White People have been dickheads for too many centuries—African Americans have their own culture, their own comfort-zone, so ‘melting-in’ with the rest of ‘us’ requires an abandonment of all things their own—‘switching to honky talk’, if you will.

But let me add (so that I’m not mistaken) that integration has always been there, amongst Good People. That doesn’t mean the racism isn’t still thriving. Apparently, the default position for loser White People is: Racist. I don’t know why, I only know it makes me want to weep.

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