A Stubborn Orange Scum-Stain (2021Jan29)

Friday, January 29, 2021                                          9:04 PM

A Stubborn Orange Scum-Stain   (2021Jan29)

The Republicans laughter is only partly directed at we snowflakes—the other half is amusement at the gullibility of their base. They can feed those poor suckers anything.

The Republicans went Grunge under the influence of more frequent and varied dog-whistles and fictional realities, (i.e. QAnon, Deep State, etc.) Now, even when they bear public guilt over the redneck riot in DC, they will sometimes forget themselves, and roll their eyes when we itemize the criminality of that day. I just saw Margaret Hoover do it to Tim Kaine, in primetime,—on F-ing PBS, no less!

This is the time when the surreptitious injection of brain damage by the news-media drives away any possible focus on the Germane, dispersing it so broadly as to make life but a dream of constantly surprising refrains.

As I see it, the Republicans are counting on the pandemic and the starvation to cover them, while they not only disconnect Trump from blame, but themselves. The post-presidency Impeachment’s Senate-trial is not due to anything other than Trump’s post-election criminality.

Some of these Senators are no less culpable than Trump. Tim Kaine was explaining to Margaret Hoover why fund-raising texts, sent by Senators Cruz and Cornyn, (and the then-President) mid-riot, were the most infuriatingly craven aspect of the whole debacle—but she apparently got bored halfway through.

But I don’t want to come down too hard on Maggy Cool—she’s got to TCB just like every other talking-head. I just wish they’d shunt all these loud-mouthed boobs onto a different channel—and give people real news again. Republicans ‘serve’ like Fox ‘informs’. Tim Kaine deserves at least as much respect as that orange scum they just cleaned off the Oval Office carpets. O well.

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  1. I like the Goya. The inscription means “for having been born somewhere else,” which is certainly relevant to our times.

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