Truth Be Jammed (2020Mar30)

Monday, March 30, 2020                                        2:19 AM

Truth Be Jammed   (2020Mar30)

Abusing the freedom of expression so dear to this nation, the for-profit ‘info-tainment’ industry has become a predator of our national consciousness, introducing uncertainty where none truly exists, amping fear under the guise of offering guidance, and providing cover for true miscreants. This deluge of disinformation and misinformation must be viewed as parallel to shouting ‘fire’ in a crowded theater—indeed, it shouts ‘fire’ to the entire nation.

The British have seen this for the threat to their national interests which the for-profit ‘info-tainment’ industry represents—FoxNews has lost its permission to broadcast there. And clear reflection on their motives reveals their intentions to be counter to the free expression of all—it is a ‘jamming signal’ against the truth.

Their lawyers gleefully point to the difficulty of deciding between misguided opinion and purposeful disinformation—which would have settled things, back before these same sharks had created a database of criminally dangerous misinformation campaigns. Now we have archives of evidence.

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