Every Damn Day (2020Jan07)

Tuesday, January 07, 2020                                                6:19 PM

Every Damn Day   (2020Jan07)

C-SPAN2 is underutilized—Non-Americans would have fits of laughter if this was streamed as a comedy series. The more partisan the Republican, the more hilarious the character is. It’s not that they are all poseurs—it’s that they are all so awkwardly, transparently poseurs.

We must admire the effectiveness of the Doubt Factories—they have paralyzed reform of any kind, in our nation for nigh-on fifty years, maybe more. The drawback is that our Conservatives are now living in a fact-denying bubble. All their unacceptable truths are blamed on the Left Wing Democrats, who are ‘just making it all up’.

It allows Republicans to speak idiocy with a straight face. Worse, it allows Republicans to become too comfortable with denying uncomfortable truths. The number and importance of denied facts has accrued to a startling dogpile—which now includes: defending a treasonously criminal POTUS.

These SenatoTrumpers have crossed the line. Their rabble-rousing might have worked in a darker time, say the 1930s, but I have been annoyed. If I have to be annoyed, so do these soft-soaping, hypocritical pick-pockets infesting our federal government.

There’s a reason they don’t allow Free Speech in many other countries—if a little guy like me gets really annoyed, he might just bitch on his blog—every damn day—for the rest of his life. And who knows? Someone might read it.

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