Power of the Presidency (2019Oct03)

Thursday, October 03, 2019                                             8:52 PM

Power of the Presidency   (2019Oct03)

I just want to point out the desperate thinness of the GOP Senators’ (and Trump’s other Goons’) excuses for him—the only reason they even resemble ‘sense’ is because they so closely echo the nonsense that we’ve been fed up until this tipping-point.

But it’s time to recognize the fatuity of their ridiculous pretenses. These kinds of things only hold up when there is a sliver of a doubt regarding legality. But that sliver disappeared when Trump broke the law on his phone call with the Ukrainian President, trading Arms for oppo-dirt on Biden—and again today, when he televised a request for China’s help in smearing Biden.

Anyone who is defending the President’s behavior today is a traitor. It’s that simple. I need hardly add that it’s also the height of stupidity.

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