Count The Ways   (2018Feb13)


Tuesday, February 13, 2018                                             5:14 PM

Count The Ways   (2018Feb13)

Given the virtual tsunami of problems with our Fake President, I’d like to try to at least develop categorizations that will streamline our perception of his failings as Chief Executive. I hope to relieve some of the confusion his prolific wrong-doings create by their sheer number and daily occurrence.


Begin with his refusal to show his taxes, middle with unexplained firing of many Federal DA’s, at least two of which were actively investigating Trump’s affairs prior to inauguration, and end with his refusal to obey the emoluments clause. Include the millions in rent Trump’s interests receive from the Chinese government’s bank—which is only one of many countries doing the same, with many other millions paid to Trump.

National Security

Where to start? Papadopoulos, Flynn, Sessions, Alt-Prop collusion, Comey, Nunes and his magic memo? Or Trump’s attempt, his first week, to unilaterally demilitarize Russia’s western border—one could start there, and follow with his media-blacked-out meetings with Putin and Kysliak, segueing to Trump’s full-on-illegal refusal to implement Congress’s sanctions against Russia, and Trump’s stubborn ignoring of current Russian efforts to pollute the 2018 elections. Top it off with a cherry—most of the White House staff has no security clearance—nor any chance of ever getting one. Let’s face it—if he weren’t President, Trump would never get one, either.


Adultery (photographed), serial assault (confessed), accusers (20), sex offenders, abusers, and assaulters defended and befriended (several). His despicable lies about Hillary Clinton, or any other female Democrat, go far below the allowances made for politicking. He’s a pig—ask any woman who knows him. It’s revolting—I’m done with this part.


Long, long list here: the Central Park Five lynch-mongering, the questioning of a sitting president’s legitimacy, the enthusiastic urging of policemen to rough up their arrestees, the gleeful neglect of Puerto Rico after the hurricane (on-going)—I could go on, here, but let’s just summarize with the ‘shithole’ comment that so aptly defines our Fake President. As with the previous category—ask any minority—it’s a long list and they know it best.


He lies 90% of the time. That’s not an insult, that’s a measured statistic. ‘Nuf said. Although I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that his lies are damaging in direct proportion to the import of the issue being lied about—and, as Fake President, Trump has a wide range of issues of great import—all of which he lies about with the same flippancy with which he lied about Obama’s birth certificate for eight years. (Of course, you get some crossover with these things—Trump’s Obama’s-birth-lie is as evil a bit of bigotry as it is evil in its falsehood.)


While Trump busies himself somewhat with wrongdoings, he neglects any of the duties of his office. Hundreds are fired from important posts. Agencies are defunded, or helmed by their arch-enemies, or both. Appointed posts are left vacant—not just a few, but more than half. Irresponsible spending bills and tax-breaks-for-the-wealthy are paired with billions taken from social services. The Fake President sleeps in, rises late, refuses to read (or can’t read) his daily briefings, so he has someone tap-dance the information for him. Alas, some details are overlooked in the process. Golf, anyone? I’m hungry… and bored. (Again, there is seeming crossover here with National Security, since this is exactly what Putin would want us to do.)


Our Fake President clearly has no knowledge of, or understanding of, the basic principles of our national government. He hasn’t the patience or the insight to even recognize the importance of such things—his only interest would be in how to pervert it to his own ends. He refuses to listen to his own intelligence infrastructure—the most powerful intelligence-gathering effort in history—because they still think Trump’s the patsy that Putin got elected. Trump can never accept that truth—and the Intel folks can’t magically un-know it, just to please the president, so—stand-off. Or should I say—bottleneck? His unfitness came with a vast built-in ignorance, but is now compounded by a self-imposed information black-out (which leaves much more time for golf).


Now, I don’t know for sure if this framework is complete. As with all things Trump, the insane filth of it eventuality saps the spirit. Let’s just call this a first draft, shall we? Indeed, even our subcategories have become a too-long, too-enmeshed list of accusations against an office-holder, of an office whose prior holders have all been the opposite of this Trump scumbag.

Trump is a Fraud, a National Security Threat, a Misogynist, a Bigot, a compulsive Liar, a Derelict-in-his-duty Commander-in-Chief, and an Ignoramus. He is not only all of these things—he is all of these things in depth, with little paisley flourishes of bullying and spoiled-infant behavior making a roiling, nauseating frame around this masterpiece of corruption and unfitness.

His defenders will take issue with all of these facts—they will show debate-skills and tap-dancing worthy of Washington’s most exclusive liar’s club, the official spokespersons. They will fast-talk you sufficiently that, if you want to stay on Trump’s side, you’ll feel reassured. But if none of it is true, then why do they need a propaganda machine to broadcast their alternative truths? Oh—that reminds me—I left out his attacks on free speech and free press—O, and the hate-speech against non-white immigrants—ach, there’s no end to this crap.

My question, Republicans, is this: How much longer are you going to offer us this shit sandwich and call it roast beef? Are you-all just relieved that Trump is such a trainwreck that nobody noticed those two (count’em, two) states’ gerrymandering cases that your own courts overturned, due to racism on a scientifically-planned, cartographic level? Most of you are as bad as Trump, simply handicapped by vestigial threads of the sense of shame.

I will never understand why you people are still considered a political party—and not the subversive, extremist cult you truly are. Shame on all of you un-American, treasonous, privileged, prejudiced fucks. If I’m not being too subtle.

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