Kingdom of the Blind   (2018Jan26)


Friday, January 26, 2018                                          7:24 PM

Kingdom of the Blind   (2018Jan26)

There’s no end to this farce. The Republicans and Trump’s administration have attempted to co-opt the balance-of-powers our government rests upon—and now that hasn’t worked, they’ve started with the ‘hardball’. They’re on the attack—but their targets are problematic: the FBI, the NSA, the CIA, the DOJ, Journalists, and Emigrants. Why would someone attack all these things—rather like an enemy of the United States would?

Trump ‘knows more than the generals’ but slipped up on knowing which general had lied to the FBI. Trump ordered the canceling of every government regulation ever enacted—but did he read them first? Did he even bother to have his son read them, or his son-in-law? How does he know that someone won’t get hurt due to his happy-go-lucky, no-safety-regulations approach? Or is it just that he figures the business boom would be worth a few lives, here and there?


I don’t think you Trump-supporters get it—that clown isn’t just in charge of the Administration of the Federal Government—he’s also responsible for your children’s safety, for your job security, for upholding the US Dollar as the world’s most secure investment. He’s so unfit, he doesn’t even know all the things he’s responsible for, things that no one has bothered to tell him yet.

Did you know they almost spaced out on the annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House last spring? They’ve been holding that children’s delight since Roosevelt (Teddy, not FDR) but the Trumps weren’t aware until the egg-supplier called weeks before, complaining that the White House needed to place an order, as the hand-carved, hand-painted wooden eggs took some time to prepare.

Upset norms—sure fine. But don’t wipe your feet on’em, Trump. The presidency is not some bauble you won in a popularity contest—much as it must seem so to you. It is a responsibility so great that, if you had the sense to comprehend it fully, you would relinquish it to Pence immediately and disappear from public life. You think you’re just dicking around on reality TV—but, no, you’re committing treason, you’re pissing on the graves at Arlington—you’re an unnamable disgrace.


But the Republicans (quick studies) are leaving you behind—once they make progress, attacking judicial and policing and intelligence-gathering agencies, they’ll be free to determine published ‘reality’—and they won’t stop with dismissing Mueller’s findings. But that’s corruption for a few weeks from now, nothing set in stone yet.

Congress is after these agencies—they are attacking the FBI, pressuring the DOJ, and dismissing the CIA. Aside from just how mindlessly foolish that is, it is even more hypocritical. The people that live off the public’s favor are investigating whether the FBI was showing favoritism.


But wait—it’s not all of Congress, is it? No. It’s just the Republicans! I would think they be scurrying to arrange bi-partisan hearings on these very serious allegations—the Democrats must be alerted at once. Right? Oh. ‘No’, you say? Hmm….

So wait. So, the Republicans suspect that the Democrats are the Deep State—is that it? Is ‘Deep State’ just code for Democrat, like ‘New York’ for Jewish? They have to play their cards close to the vest, in case those traitorous Democrats find out about their counter-ploy? Okay, let me see if I get this: Republican = Good — not Republican = from Satan. Is that where we are now?

There are some irresponsibly imaginative Republicans in the House of Representatives today—headed by the head-spinning head spinner, P. Ryan. Ryan sees no way to upset the delicate balance of the state, just because he has an ‘unfortunate’ president leading his party. And, in truth, as big a douchebag as Ryan is, he’s still the one-eyed king in that bunch.

But for those of us with both eyes open, it’s a very stressful time. Will the voters beat back the United Fringe-bags of Trumpery? And can we do it in time?


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