Xper Dunn plays Piano (2017Aug18)

XperDunn's Poetry Graphics


Xper Dunn plays Piano

I tried to make it fine

And liquid and heartfelt—entrancing.

I tried to make art out of nothing—

Easy to do, if I just knew how.

But it gets harder with age

Like make-believe—or playing—

There is no easy way backward

When it’s all about mobbing forward.

I threw my fingers off the cliff

Hoping that they would fly,

That a genie behind my brain

Would take the wheel—

And I would try to spur him onward,

To drive what I couldn’t hold or see,

Afraid to disturb him, but afraid to

Leave him unattended.

The camera captured the output—

The monster I’d made with my own hands.

It’s trapped in there now,

Waiting for me to press ‘play’,

Waiting for me to unleash the judgment

Of digital precision, finding me guilty

Of hubris, of failing to be a magician.

Or not.

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