Trump’s Lying Treason   (2017May10)


Wednesday, May 10, 2017                                               2:11 PM

There was a Daily Show Reunion on last night’s Late Show—most of Jon Stewart’s old gang reminiscing about the ‘halcyon days’ of 9/11 and the Dubya presidency. Airing on the same night as the news about Trump firing Comey, it poignantly reinforced the difference between the old warring ideologies and today’s faithless partisanship. Back then, we argued over interpretation—today we argue over the plain facts—and the schism doesn’t lie in our hearts, but in our sources of information.

What we overlook is the fact that when two people tell opposing stories, one of them is lying, or just plain wrong. Comey is not a liar, whatever his other faults may be—but Trump is a liar—from Obama’s birthplace on, he has told lie after lie. Only a rabidly pro-Trump partisan would fail to be suspicious of Comey’s firing—he is the third person to be fired while investigating Trump’s ties to Russia, after Sally Yates and Preet Bharara.

Where is the limit? When will the Republicans accept the fact that they are shielding a traitor in the White House—and begin to scrutinize him in the same way they harried the last president? Trump’s impeachment, at this point, is purely a matter of Republican will—it’s right there, if they had the honor to reach for it.


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