Transparent As A Window   (2017Apr05)


Wednesday, April 05, 2017                                              6:12 PM

When Trump spent years lying about President Obama’s birth, it was excusable—a private citizen can say whatever they want about the president—even a filthy lie. When Trump spent a year lying about Hillary Clinton in every possible way, it was excusable—he was in a hard-fought election and things get said on both sides. Even when he lied about the dozen or more women who came forward to accuse him of groping, etc.—even that was still within the heat of the campaign.

When he fired Susan Rice because she was honest about the unconstitutional nature of his travel ban, he was as much as saying, “The law is whatever I say it is.” The courts disagreed, thank goodness—but the mindset remains.

Trump is under investigation—has been since before he was elected, it turns out. He and his people are colluding with Russia—and the bad press has spurred him to try to make the investigation focus on how the information was collected—instead of what it found. It still found something—and the sooner the quicker, as far as either removing his administration or absolving them of collusion. Either way, whining about procedures can only divert and delay for so long.

But trying to smear Susan Rice—trying to throw her under his own bus—is cold, even for a POS like our President. There is no excuse for this kind of blind thrashing around, tweeting untruth upon untruth—even if Obama, or Rice, had done wrong (something only a pig like Trump could imagine) it wouldn’t change the fact of the Trump-Russian collusion.


I’d appreciate the media highlighting an important aspect of these tweets. The reason everyone finds them so shocking is that we know they couldn’t be true—the only reason Trump finds them credible lies to tell is because he and his people would behave improperly under pressure—in a hot minute—and they assume that everyone is as cold-blooded, cynical, and absent of ethics as they are.

But they are the aberrations, not Obama—and certainly not Susan Rice. I feel this aspect of Trump’s tweets has been overlooked—but it is an obvious and important aspect of his disinformation campaign. Only a man lacking any shred of honor could be so quick to assume that behavior in others. The media has already recognized that Trump always uses the word ‘fake’ whenever the news really hurts him—it’s almost a confirmation that they’ve hit it on the nose, at this point.

And during the campaign, he always had a ‘tell’—if you accused him of something true, he always accused you of exactly the same thing, in the same words, even. So, now that the glamor has worn off, Trump is pretty self-damning. We know what he accused HRC of, after she said it of him—Confirmed. We know which news he called ‘fake’—Confirmed. And we know how he views the presidency, by the accusations he makes against Obama—Confirmed.

And now he attacks an unemployed civil servant, Susan Rice—how long will we hear this nonsense, before we simply laugh in his face? I wish I could be in that room with Sean Spicer—I’d tell him what I think of his psychotic boss and his tissue-thin web of lies.


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