Zero Day   (2017Apr04)


Tuesday, April 04, 2017                                          6:05 PM

Our niece, Joanna, is on a long hike and, in her blog, she talks about taking a ‘zero day’—which is when you cover zero miles for the day, i.e. a rest day. But when you’ve hiked the woods for weeks and you finally stop in town for a day, it’s hardly idle time—showers and laundry and hot meals seated at a table are just a few of the wonderful things about hitting a town while on the trail. So, it’s not a ‘rest’ day, per se, but a zero day.

It should surprise no one that hiking has a panoply of jargon—it is as much a different culture as it is an escape from everyday culture—I’m surprised it doesn’t speak an entirely different language altogether. Our niece commented recently that the hiking life, once normalized, seems quite like any other lifestyle—new expectations and new anticipations become habitual and life returns to what it was, pre-disruption (but with better views, no doubt).

Zero days seem to be what we are all taking lately. For most of my life the news was about what was new, and what progress had been made. But now the media never talks about anything new, and our government makes no progress at all—it is actually undoing the last six months of work, as much as it can.

Fatigue has set in, as well— it was frustrating enough to rant about Trump before the election, it has been beyond frustrating to rant about Trump since the election, and now that it’s come out that he and his inner circle may have colluded with the Russians, we don’t even know if there’s a traitor in the White House or not.

I think there is—and not just because he’s Putin’s plaything—although I tend to credit that intelligence—but for swearing to uphold and defend the Constitution, when he obviously hasn’t read it. So an ignorant, vindictive traitor is holding the highest office in the land and there doesn’t appear to be a single person in DC with a pair of balls. I’m not blaming the women—our female statespersons are doing what heavy-lifting is being done—but every male congressman and senator is being a coward in the midst of this country’s greatest crisis—Trump must be ousted before sanity can return.

In the meantime, I guess we’re all taking a zero day—the whole damned country. I heard that 10,000 women have signed up to be politicians—I don’t think that’s going to be enough.


Susan B Anthony

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