Have Fun   (2017Apr01)


Saturday, April 01, 2017                                          2:02 PM

When the world is in an uproar, it works for me—I can get riled up, even spending my life here in helpless, idle boredom. My head fills with blog-post ideas and I write like a fiend—and others are equally busy online, voicing their reactions to scandals and violence. What with Obama, the Tea Party and Trump and Putin, it’s been a riot of chaos and protest for years now—but I think the wave has broken. Trump’s tweets and rallies have become commonplace and dismissible, finally. We’re all just waiting around to see if Trump & Co. will be scoured from Washington by impeachment for treason (or maybe ethics violations, or whatever) or if his corrupt presidency will be allowed to stand for the full four years.

In the meantime, the crimes against humanity, and against the United States—in the form of Trump’s XOs and the GOP’s legislation—have piled up to a point where it would take a three-day seminar just to review them all. And our inability to reverse the course of our hacked democracy leaves us helpless witnesses to the most cynical corruption this country has ever seen. So a stunned silence descends—we stop interacting on social media for lack of a single ray of sunshine, we stop watching the news due it’s determination to keep things in the air instead of getting to the bottom of things, and we wait for a champion to rise among us and strike back at evil.

Fortunately, for most people, this means that spring, and soon summer, are upon us, and it’s time to get out of the house and have a little fun. Go out to lunch, go to the movies, head for the beach, maybe—a winter full of online bickering and Trump-watching is over. Time to get out of the house and out of our heads a little, finally.

But not for me—I’m still stuck in the house. Still, I’d rather see social media go quiet than have it continue the batting back and forth of lies, half-truths, and rationales. And no longer giving a good god damn what Trump has to say will hurt him a lot more than it hurts me—so go, have fun. Ignore that fucker until people with the access to our government can figure out what to charge him with, and eject him.

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