Health Careless   (2017Mar10)


Friday, March 10, 2017                                                     12:42 PM

Snow covers every branch and twig, mounding on the evergreen shrubs and making the birds take two tries to sit on a branch, without a tiny avalanche. One timid chickadee outside our kitchen window almost cleared an entire tree, trying to find a safe perch. The cardinals are all fluffed up like nerf balls. I hope everyone got a snow day—or at least a delay—it isn’t as though this winter set records for snow days. And there are still a few days until spring.

Okay—this new health care plan is opposed by the Democrats, as you’d expect—but it’s also opposed by the AMA, health care providers, and conservatives (who think it not harsh enough). Meanwhile, all indications are that the only beneficiaries of the changes will be the wealthy.

Wealthy people used to be happy to be rich—they didn’t feel the need to keep everyone else in hell just for emphasis. But now, I guess, wealth no longer represents mere comfort and security—it means power—and what good is power if you don’t abuse it? How will they know we’re unhappy in our need, if they don’t do everything they can to make us suffer?

But even wealthy people have occasional need of an ER now and then—why would they turn all the ERs back into overcrowded homeless shelters? Don’t they even care about their own quality of life? Next thing you know, they’ll be claiming that they can’t afford to cart away corpses—they’d rather step over the dead bodies than waste money on meat wagons. Does becoming wealthy damage the brain, erasing the concept of ‘community’ from any mind that owns an expensive car? Or is it just that hiring enough people starts to make you believe you own them?

These bastards are pretty quick with the tough love when they have no conception of tough. Spoiled little pricks with attitudes have seemingly found a way to get people to vote against their own self-interests—how mysterious. Is Paul Ryan’s shit-eating grin that effective? It was only a few months ago that we hand-picked these monsters—and now we’re all up in arms over how criminally incompetent they are—how does that happen?

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